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This Week in Mobile Esports: Clash Royale YouTube All-Star 5v5 Clan War, Paladins Strike Makes Mobile Debut, Beast Brawlers Celebrates Wide Launch with Content Creators, Lords Mobile Tournament shows growth for mobile eSports, Tencent to Produce TV Series Around Honor of Kings Esports

Clash Royale YouTube All-Star 5v5 Clan War draws in high viewership Though not directly related to its official esports competition, Clash Royale’s new Clan War game mode has helped vitalized the 2-year game game, giving casual and clan-centric players a…
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This Week in Mobile Esports: Fortnite soft launches on iOS, PUBG mobile now available in Canada, Clash Royale League Officially Announced, Super Evil Megacorp Announces Esports Partnership with Alisports

What a week it has been for mobile esports! We have lots to cover on this special (belated) edition of This Week in Mobile Esports, so let’s just right into it: Fortnite soft launches on iOS Fortnite has already been…
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This Week in Mobile Esports: Clash Royale Celebrates 2nd Birthday, Top 5 Battle Royale Games on Mobile, C-Ops Developer Talks Mobile Esports, Tribe Gaming announced Vainglory 5v5 Team

Clash Royale Clash Royale Celebrates 2nd Birthday with Tournaments and Giveaways This week, Clash Royale celebrated the 2nd anniversary of its global release with a number of in-game events and freebies.  Players were treated to 2 free tournaments dubbed Retro…
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