First Card Balance Update

Well that didn’t take long!  A week after soft launching, the Clash Royale team made some Card Balance changes with it’s first update.  Changes are as follows:

  • Prince: Health decreased by 4%.
  • Goblin Barrel: Goblin level decreased by 1.
  • Witch: Skeleton level decreased by 1.
  • Mortar: Lifetime decreased to 40 seconds.

Not sure what the change with Mortar does since I’ve never played with the card (nor seen anyone play it), but the nerf on Prince, Goblin Barrel, and Witch should impact matches for higher level players, as an extra hit or two needed to take out these pesky troops and their underlings can impact the outcome of the entire game.

One other noteworthy change with the update is increasing with XP required to get from level 8 to 9 by 25%. I understand the need to slow down players progression as hardcore gamers are probably progressing a lot faster than Supercell anticipated, but I do feel bad for the guys sitting at level 8 and waiting for those few more XPs to strengthen their towers.

Overall, it’s great to see the Supercell team making balance adjustments to the game at such an early stage.   I can only expect more buffs and nerfs in future updates.

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