Helpful Hints and Facts

I’m sure everyone has noticed by now the helpful hints and facts that appear on the loading screens.  The problem is, the game loads so quickly that I’m unable to read them before they disappear!  If you also have the same problem, fear not, because I have taken the liberty to jot down all 26 of them here:

  • Donating cards to your Clan gives experience and gold, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside
  • Goblins only joined the arena after their union signed a lucrative contract with the Royales
  • The Rage spell increases movement and attack speed
  • The selection of cards available in the Shop refreshes every 24 hours
  • Damage spells like the Fireball deal half damage to Crown TowersComplete achievements to earn Gems!
  • P.E.K.K.A: No one knows what’s behind that mask. Maybe even another mask.
  • The King only joins the fight after taking damage or losing a Crown Tower
  • Sometimes it’s worth pushing for a three-crown victory.  Sometimes securing two crowns is the smarter play.
  • Tesla cannot be damaged while underground, and only pops up when enemy troops are in range
  • The Balloon drops a bomb when destroyed.  Don’t stand still.
  • Rarer chests contain more cards and Gold.
  • Every 24 hours you can collect 10 Crowns to unlock the Crown chest
  • All buildings slowly lose Hitpoints, expiring after a set amount of time
  • Lure troops to your side of the Arena to engage them with your Crown Towers
  • The Inferno Tower’s damage increases over time while attacking the same target
  • Using Elixer efficiently is the key to victory
  • Experts have long believed that lightning is attracted to tall objects.  However, new research indicates that lightning is, in fact, attracted to high Hitpoints.
  • The P.E.K.K.A and Mini P.E.K.K.A are easily distracted, but they hit like a truck
  • The Giant Skeleton carries a large bomb, which he carelessly drops when destroyed.  Oops!
  • Giants can be effective on defense, too
  • Each Sunday the Shop contains twice as many cards!
  • Trophies that you win are deducted from your opponent’s Trophies!
  • Free Chests and Crown Chests are the only chests which can contain Gems
  • Magical Chests always contain at least one Epic Card
  • X-Bows and Mortars can directly damage your opponent’s Crown Towers if positioned near the middle

These should be all, but let me know if I am missing any!

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