The Dreaded Balloon/Freeze Combo

One of the fun aspects of playing Clash Royale is discovering how 2 or more cards can be played as combos for maximum damage.  There’s your Giant/Giant Skeleton and flyers, X-bow and goblins/skeletons… but none are as dangerous (and annoying) as the Balloon Freeze combo.  Balloon by itself is already one of the most dangerous cards in the game, but combine it with a high level Freeze, and you can basically kiss your Tower bye-bye.  I recorded a recent TV Royale battle where Chief Pat falls victim to this combo – twice:


The best defence against Balloon Freeze seems to be simply build defence towers, so it’s no surprise that top players including #1 ranked 鐘培生 have loaded their deck with towers and spells.  Time will tell whether if Balloon will get nerfed in the next update…

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