The Best Hearthstone Channels

It’s debatable whether Hearthstone should be considered a mobile Esport game as the game first came out on PC and Mac and most pros play it on their computers, but I believe it is the game’s mobile version that made it accessible for a much larger audience, and made it into one of the leading Esport games out there today.  Blizzard has also hinted that they want to better promote Esports to its mobile players, so let’s hope that we’ll be seeing more mobile tournaments in the near future!

To kick off the first Hearthstone post, I want to share with everyone some of my favourite streaming/video channels of professional Hearthstone players.  One of the best way to learn the game is to watch how the pros play, and these guys make learning the game a lot of fun.  Here’s my personal list of best Hearthstone channels:


Twitch:     Youtube:

Arguably the best known Hearthstone streamer out there, the always expressive Amaz somehow manages to make every game he plays seem so much fun.  Possibly my favourite Hearthstone clip of all time is watching Amaz get “wrecked” by a level 25 Mage using mostly basic cards:


Brian Kibler

Twitch:   Youtube:

Having already made a name for himself as a Magic: The Gathering player, Brian is one of the most consistent players in the professional scene.  That certainly doesn’t stop him from messing around with his decks and playing crazy combos though:




One of the top players from the game, his commentary is most enjoyable even if it’s simply for his nice German accent.

Hearthstone SparkTV


A good collection of Top 10s, funniest moments, and best of compilations from some of the game’s top players.

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