Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Jan. 19th)

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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Clash Royale Card Power Rankings!  There’s been a major shift in balance since the update last week: Goblin Barrel, Prince, and Witch are all now nowhere to be found in the Top 10!  Instead, we see an emergence of common and rare cards, led by the internationally recognizable Barbarians, which have established themselves as the go to card in Clash Royale.  With the game becoming a lot more spell-heavy and defensive since the update (and in my opinion a little less fun to play), I imagine that there will be another set of buffs/nerfs coming soon.

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Jan. 19th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Barbarians  clashroyale-icons-barbarian Unranked The face of CoC is now also the most popular card in Card Royale, with 18 of the top 20 players using Barbarians in their decks.
2 Wizard  clashroyale-icons-wizard 8 Another familiar CoC face takes the number 2 spot, and is probably the best counter against the Barbarians
3 (tied) Spear Goblins  clashroyale-icons-speargoblins Unranked The cheap trio makes for a good 2 way card, and makes it easy for you to play your next card
3 (tied) Hog Rider  clashroyale-icons-hogrider Unranked With the nerf of Prince and Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider becomes the most effective fast tower damage character
5 Fireball  Fireball Unranked Fireball remains a good value for the damage it dishes out
6 Arrows  Arrows 1 The former #1 goes down in rank as it is not very effective in dealing with Barbarians
7 Lightning  Lightning Unranked With so much defensive play, Lightning becomes an effective spell to knoch out towers and weak characters
8 (tied) Minion Horde clashroyale-icons-minionhorde 7 The Minion Horde reigns supreme amongst the flying characters
8 (tied) Tombstone  Tombstone Unranked This cheap building makes for great defense against Hog Rider
10 (tied) Skeletons  clashroyale-icons-skeletons Unranked The cheapest card around, Skeletons makes it easy for players to rotate through their cards
10 (tied) Freeze  download 3 Rounding out the list is arguably the most annoying card in the game

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