Clash Royale to have Monthly Balance Changes (And My Prediction for What They Will Be)

First of all, props for Clash Royale’s Community Management team for not only taking into account feedback from their engaged players, but addressing them in such a timely manner.  The game has only been out for 2 weeks, and Supercell is doing their best to make sure that players like me will be sticking around in the long term.  Today, the Clash Royale team posted a Q&A on their forum, addressing concerns such as chest timers, game resets and my biggest worry, game balancing.  On the subject of game balancing, this is what they have to say:

Balance in Clash Royale will be a constantly evolving thing and players should expect some balance changes every month. We’ve been playing Clash Royale for many, many months before the soft launch and know that tuning the game is going to be a constant work in progress! The balance of most cards should be quite good right now, even if some initially feel overpowered.

Remember, anything can be “overpowered” when in the right hands. We did our best to make it so that any card in your deck can feel powerful when used properly – even 1 Elixir Skeletons! It’s all part of the fun. As we make balance changes to the game, we’ll always try to communicate, clearly and in advance, about what those changes will be, and why we feel the need to make them.

Considering that the first balance adjustment took place last week, we probably shouldn’t expect another round of changes until early/mid February.  Based on my observations on the current state of gameplay, I predict that the following changes will be made:

  • Buffs to little used cards.  It’s not in Supercell’s best interest to have the same cards used by all players while some are hardly ever used (*cough cough* Bomb Tower, Cannon, Mortar, Elixer).  And poor Golem, who should be the best card in the game simply based on the fact that it is the last Epic card that you can unlock, is basically fodder for Barbarians and Inferno Towers.  I’d expect the Clash Royale team to give some of its weaker cards a boost in stats in order to encourage people to use them more.
  • Less Crown Tower Damage for Spells.  With everyone playing tight defence, most top players have now relied upon spells such as Lightning and Rocket to directly deal damage to Crown Towers (and hopefully take out a few troops and buildings along the way).  This doesn’t exactly make for fun play, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Crown Tower Damage for spells will be decreased during the next update.
  • Change in upgrade requirements.  A subtle change was made last week with the CR team upping the XP required to get from level 8 to 9 by 25%.  The decision making behind this is probably driven by all the advanced statistics collected by their data analysts, which in this case indicated that too many players were getting to level 9 too quickly.  The upgrade curve for cards is pretty steep already, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they start making it even harder for players to upgrade their cards beyond level 8.  Personally, I’m hoping that they’ll make it easier for us to upgrade cards, especially Epic cards 🙂

Let’s see how my predictions will do a few weeks from now!

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