Events Page Now With Events!

One of my main goals with MoEsport is to build a platform for mobile Esports enthusiasts and competitors to share and participate in events and help grow this community.  While at this moment the site only covers 3 games (I promise there’ll be more Vainglory and Hearthstone content in the future!), I hope the Events page can serve as a listing for all events relating to mobile Esports, so that anyone with a smartphone can just show up and participate in some friendly competition.

I’ve kicked things off with a partial listing for Hearthstone events, and will be adding more as I collect more information from around the web (and have the time to do so!).  If you happen to be organizing, or know of any events that are not listed, be sure to tell us through our Create Events page and I would be more than happy to spread the word.  So please check back regularly, and let’s build this mobile Esports community together!

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