Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Jan. 26th)

The Clash Royale team reaffirmed last week’s Card Power Rankings by correctly pointing out that Barbarians and Wizard are currently the 2 most used cards in the game, and subsequently will be nerfing them along with a host of other cards in the next update happening early February.  Now that players know what’s coming in a few weeks, will it affect which cards they play now?  Or will the Power Rankings stay relatively the same until the changes kick in?  Let’s find out!

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Jan. 26th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Wizard  clashroyale-icons-wizard 2 The most used card in the game is now also the most used card by the Top 20!  The 7% damage nerf will really hurt his value once the update comes though.
2 Freeze  download 10th (tied) Surprise!  Freeze suddenly shoots up the charts this week!   It’s become a staple for many player’s deck, but just how bad will the upcoming decreased radius hurt the spell?
3 Barbarians  clashroyale-icons-barbarian 1 The Fearsome Four gets knocked off the top spot this week.  How will the decreased health in the upcoming update affect its usage?
4 Tombstone  Tombstone 8 (tied) More top players are finding the cheap and fragile tower a great counter (or staller) against just about anything
5 Spear Goblin  clashroyale-icons-speargoblins 3 The cheap trio is still a popular play amongst the top players.
6 (tied) Fireball  Fireball 5 Some people say that Fireball will be the biggest beneficiary from the upcoming update, despite the fact that no changes will be happening to the spell!
6 (tied) Hog Rider  clashroyale-icons-hogrider 4 The popular tower wrecker will be untouched for the next round of nerfs and buffs.
8 Baby Dragon  


Unranked The often under-appreciated but always reliable Baby Dragon makes its way into the Top 10 this week.
9 (tied) Arrows


 Arrows 6 Still a popular play against weak characters, but will no longer be effective against Archers once the nerf kicks in
9 (tied) Knight  knight Unranked Everybody’s first card finally gets some love from the top players!
9 (tied) Lightning  Lightning Unranked I see you just played a Wizard behind your tower.  Oh, I’m sorry, it’s now turned to dust. 

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