How to Deal with “Ranked Anxiety”

Many players suffer from the condition that I call Ranked Anxiety.  What is Rank Anxiety exactly?  It’s the feeling you get when you’re in queue for a game, you start feeling nervous… you hands get sweaty, the heart rate goes up, shivers down your spine, and so forth.  It’s a normal emotion as everyone gets tense in ranked at some point or another, but it becomes a bad thing when it starts to control you and your actions.  Ranked anxiety is not limited to only Vainglory but also to any other game or even anxiety in real life.  Just know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

When you play ranked you can only think you have something to lose.  If things do go wrong, you think you won’t be able to deal with those problems.  Well, changing your view on your losses will change how you deal with the losses.

Many people who suffer from Ranked Society belong to a category I call Mr./Ms. Perfect.  They tend to be players that:

  • Want to have no errors during the game.
  • Cannot bear the thought of losing a game.
  • As a result, quality in games decrease; it becomes just about winning.

Does that sound like you? Then consider the below solutions:

  • Learn to become a better player, not to just win.
  • Winning or losing does not determine your ability to learn; losing does not mean you are not successful
  • Have a goal in mine; try to reach it. Do not make the goal impossible for yourself.
  • Even Profession players lose some games here and there. Losing is not always a bad thing. Learn from it and move on.

Other Causes for your Ranked Anxiety can include other peoples thoughts influencing you in a bad way, or something as simple as Pings, AFKers, Trolls getting to you easily.  If this is you, then consider these solutions:

  • Mute your teammates the moment they show signs of toxicity.
  • Focus on yourself, not your teammates.
  • Play some music if some people are getting on your nerves, it will help calm you down.
  • Give it your all, everyone has bad games. Trust me, its completely normal.
  • Accept the fact that sometimes teammates will throw games, thats the risk you run going in Solo Queue.
  • Choose a hero you are comfortable on, can win easily with.
  • Play more ranked, your ranked anxiety will decrease.

When playing the game, keep in mind The Feedback Loop; the way you think, feel, and behave are all connected and can influence each other.  Replicating the actions associated with different emotions can actually make you feel those emotions.  This can be used to help regulate the intensity of our anxiety.  By countering all symptoms of your anxiety; (cold hands, faster heart rate, nervous, etc), you are telling your brain to genuinely feel happy and thus lowering the intensity of your anxiety.

Still feeling anxiety?  Then try these other solutions:

  • Cold hands? Rub them together. Put on gloves during hero select.
  • Grab a snack if your hungry.
  • Force yourself to not hunch over.
  • Think about anything else except your anxiety. Distract yourself.
  • Just by reading this guide, you are taking steps to dealing with you ranked anxiety!

Hope you found some things helpful in this guide. Do not let your anxiety get the best of you Vainglorians! Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^

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