Coming Back from a Lost Game

So you have a problem.

You can’t seem to comeback from a losing game. Enemy team gets an early lead, you get frustrated, teammates keep dying, you keep dying. Everything is a total mess and there goes your ELO. Next thing you know, you’re tilted to the extreme and hesitant to play another game in fear of losing again.

I have a solution.

Lets say you and your team throw the early game. Things are not looking so hot for you, you get a bit frustrated. This is what I want you to do.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Your going to be fine.

Look at the scoreboard, depending on what hero your playing; lets say your playing Ringo. Look at who is focusing you and destroying you. Now lets say that person is a Celeste. Build against her, so in this case you would build an Aegis. You can start with Reflex Block then buy the components later on when you really need them. Lets say they have a Glaive jungle and you see he is starting to build armor against you; more specifically a Atlas Pauldron. If you have not already built it on Ringo start building Tension BowTension Bow gives 8% Armor Pierce and +45 Weapon Power. After those two items lets say the support is Catherine. You see she already has a Metal Jacket and has 16 stacks on her passive. Pretty beefy setup right? Not for long. Work towards a Breaking Point“Why not a Sorrow Blade?” If you are behind, chances are if you get something like a Sorrow Blade you won’t even get through their armor to deal enough damage. When behind in a game you need to build against the enemy team. Breaking point gives you +40% Attack Speed with a very useful passive against tanks; Gain 9 Weapon Power (15 if you are melee) and 5% critical chance & critical damage per second whenever you are attacking enemy heroes. If not, you lose a stack each second. 20 stacks max. It gives you free damage for extended fights, the attack speed is nice to apply stacks faster on enemies. Your B ability plus the Breaking Point will give you some nice attack speed to apply the stacks and dish out the damage. Bonesaw should be your next item. This item gives you +30 Weapon Power and +50% Attack SpeedApplies an on hit effect that shreds 7% of your enemies armor for 6 seconds with each basic attack; 7 stacks max. This will help you ensure that the pesky Catherine and Glaive won’t stay alive in any extended team fight. Tyrants Monocle, Tornado Trigger, Sorrow Blade, or Serpents Mask if you need  to stay alive a little longer in fights. Any of these four items are acceptable as a 5th item, varies on the situation at hand. Journey Boots should be your 6th complete item, this item allows you to kite easily and be more agile. So lets recap on the build.

Early Game

  • Tension Bow
  • Sprint Boots
  • Reflex Block

Mid Game

  • Tension Bow
  • Sprint Boots -> Travel Boots
  • Reflex Block
  • Breaking Point

Late Game

  • Tension Bow
  • Travel Boots -> Journey Boots
  • Aegis
  • Breaking Point
  • Bonesaw
  • Tyrants Monocle / Sorrow Blade



The build is only half the battle. You need to know how to carry using positioning and decision making.


What is kiting? When being chased during a team fight you are able attack and then move; repeating this movement over and over until one of you die. Kiting allows you to do damage while staying safe, also helps you keep you on your toes to evade any stuns or skill shots the enemy throws at you. Lets say the Catherine from the same game is chasing you down, she goes in for the stun. Pop your Reflex Block to negate the stun. Tap behind you, let your character take 3 steps and then tap on the Catherine to shoot her, then tap behind you make sure to take those 3 steps. Repeat. Make sure to cut the animation short, this varies on your attack speed. I would suggest looking up videos on kiting or just watching professional players in tournaments to see how they do it. All in all, it is a very useful skill to have if you want to end up carrying games and climbing up the ELO ladder.


As Ringo you are by nature very squishy. Any form of Crowd Control will result in your death. Lets say your team has a Ardan and a Rona. When a team fight starts, join the fight prematurely. What does that mean? It means let some abilities and actives be used first before joining the fight. Let Catherine use her stun and Ultimate, Glaive most likely will use his Ultimate early on as well, wait for the Celeste stun to come out. Do not worry about 1 form on Crowd Control hitting you as you have a Reflex Block active to shrug off any negative effect. Stay in the back line of your team, let the Rona and Ardan get in the enemies faces. Remember you can’t do any damage if your dead. Shoot the nearest enemy you can, as a late game Ringo you will shred through any tank you set your sights on. If your tank is doing his job he should be close to death or dead by now. Ringo cleans up the fight, he doesn’t start it. So lets recap

  • Stay in the back line of your team
  • Block any detrimental Crowd Control with your Reflex Block
  • Target nearest enemy and try to burn through them as fast as you can
  • Kite enemies if they start to chase you

After playing plenty of games you will be pretty comfortable with the concept of kiting and positioning. Kiting is a art, treat it as such.

Decision Making

“Do I take the Minion Mine?” “Does our team take the Gold Mine now?” “Do we take Kraken now?” “When can I push their turrets?” Do these questions look familiar? I’ll answer them all right here.

“When do I take Minion Mine?”

First off lets answer the question of, “What is a Minion Mine?” A Minion Mine, when taken, buffs your minion and makes them worth more gold and experience to the enemy team. This should NOT be taken until 10-15 minutes in the game due to the fact that if the enemy is behind it will give them a easier time catching up if you take it before 10-15 minutes. Minion Mine is also very good to push down turrets and flood the enemy turrets with your minions.

Update: Thank you reader Nono Jones for pointing out that Minion Miners buff Lane Minions only against the enemy turrets and heroes. Also, the enemy does not receive additional gold and experience for killing them as of patch 1.13.

“When should our team take Gold Mine?”

What is a Gold Mine? The Gold Mine is located in the middle of the map. On the Mini Map you will see about 5 minutes into the match the Gold Mine spawn up as a circle. This circle will continuously fill until it is full; the max capacity is 300 gold for each team member. The Gold Mine will continue to full and give you gold when it reaches max capacity. If the enemy team takes it, they get instant gold upon defeating the Gold Mine; depends how full the Gold Mine was at the time. You will no longer receive the continuous gold from the Gold Mine until your team reclaims the Gold Mine. Now lets get on to when you should claim the Gold Mine. The Gold Mine should be taken after you kill one member of the enemy team, you and your teammates must be relatively healthy and have vision of all bushes around Gold Mine to prevent it from being stolen. The enemy team will try to steal this objective from you, when the Gold Mine is almost full go with your team and buy a Minion Candy, use it on the Gold Miner. To use the Minion Candy on the Gold Miner all you have to do is stand near it and tap on the Minion Candy, you will see a cherry above the Gold Miners’ head. If enemies are missing and the Gold Mine is almost full prepare to fight the enemy team, grab a infusion based on if you are Weapon Powered or Crystal Powered. The empowered Gold Mine will act as a 4th member of your team in a fight, do not underestimate the damage it can do, fight with it.

“When do we take Kraken?”

Kraken is a Epic Monster in the jungle that can be taken at the 15 minute mark. It does not attack heroes or minions, only turrets. Minion Mines do effect the strength of the Kraken, it is advisable to have both Minion Mines when pushing with the Kraken to have it at max strength. When to take Kraken depends on a few things. I’ll list them off for you.

  • What hero you are playing / heroes on your team?
  • Are 2 or more enemy heroes alive?
  • Do you have vision to safely secure to objective?
  • How healthy is your team while doing Kraken?
  • How fast can you take Kraken with your team?

“What hero are you playing / heroes on your team?”

Krul, SAW, Ringo, Koshka, Taka, are very good heroes to quickly secure the Kraken and safely. Also having a tank like Ardan or Phinn can soak up the damage from Kraken and still stay healthy enough for a team fight.

“Are 2 or more enemy heroes alive?”

Always make sure one of the enemy heroes are dead so if they engage to steal Kraken it will be a 2v3, which will be in your teams favor. If they attempt to steal it, shift your focus to killing the enemies and then finish off the Kraken.

“Do you have vision to safely secure Kraken?”

Always be sure to have a scout trap in all nearby bushes to see if any enemies are coming to attempt to steal Kraken. Vision is power.

“How healthy is your team while doing Kraken?”

If you have a Krul on your team let him tank the damage as he can heal off of the Kraken with his smite and take a beating. If you don’t have a Krul, let your tank soak up the damage.

“How fast can you take Kraken?”

Any hero who has high DPS should be able to burn through the Kraken quickly. With high DPS heroes the Kraken takes around 9-15 seconds.

Remember to think twice before making any move. Weigh the risk and the reward and see if its worth it. Try to make the best of what you have and stay calm. Good decisions are made with a clear and sound mind.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful! If anything needs to be cleared up please leave a comment or message me directly! Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^


  1. Nono Jones

    Suggested edit: Minion Miners buff Lane Minions. However, only against the enemy turrets and heroes. Also, the enemy does not receive additional gold and experience for killing them as of patch 1.13.

  2. jameson1988

    What hero you are playing / heroes on your team?
    Are 2 or more enemy heroes alive?
    Do you have vision to safely secure to objective?
    How healthy is your team while doing Kraken?
    How fast can you take Kraken with your team?

    “What hero are you playing / heroes on your team?””
    I do not agree Sincerely, Kristian


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