5 Tips to Make You a Better Clash Royale Player

Many players have expressed frustration at “being stuck” in Clash Royale, especially around Arenas 4 and 5.  At this point, competition gets tougher as players you face are all familiar with the basics, and you often find yourself in losing streaks, especially when playing against players with better cards.  I’ve been there.  I’ve swore at this game more times than I have for any other game that I’ve played (and I’ve played a lot of games).  But over time, I’ve improved on my playing style, and now sit at 2100 trophies while having only spent $5 on the game.  Instead of diving into specific strategies, let me share with you 5 tips that will help any player improve on their overall play.

My current stats

My current stats

Tip #1: Don’t Overplay Your Elixir!

As fun as it is to wreck people’s towers, this game is all playing sound defence and counter-attacking.  When you spend your elixir faster than your opponent, it leaves you open to attacks on the other lane.  And without any elixir to stop their attack, chances are you can kiss your tower goodbye.  So don’t overplay your elixir unless you’re sure your opponent is defenceless (ie. spent most of their elixir) or you know you can take down their tower without losing yours.

See that Giant? See that Dragon? Next time don't play all your towers so quickly.

See that Giant? See that Dragon? Next time don’t play all your towers so quickly.

Tip #2: Keep Track of How Much Elixir Your Opponent is Spending

It’s just as important to keep track of your opponent’s Elixir spend as it is your own, as that will allow you to predict what they can or cannot play next.  For example, if your opponent fires a Rocket at you, he will be left with only 4 Elixir or less.  If you happen to still have all 10 Elixir unused, it’s probably a good time to pile on an attack.

Tip #3: Play Your Cards by Dragging Your Finger and Releasing 

The game is designed so that you can play your card either by dragging your finger, or tapping your card then the location.  Dragging your finger not only gives you a lot more precision (for example, I can make sure the radius of my spell will hit what I want to hit), but you can also prepare for your next play even before your Elixir is ready!  Did you know that you can actually cast a card about 0.5 seconds before you actually have enough Elixir to cast it?

Tip #4: Adjust Your Strategy, and Adapt to Opponent’s Gameplay

During a 3 minute match, chances are you will see your opponent play the same card at least 3 times.  As the old saying goes: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  If you got caught off guard with the X-bow the first time, think in advance how you’re going to stop the second one.  Perhaps that would mean saving up Elixir until he plays the next one, or setting up a Tombstone so that’ll be the dummy target.  Likewise, if you know your opponent has arrows to deal with your Goblin Barrel, then don’t play it again until they have to use the Arrows on something else.

Tip #5: Stay Calm, and Don’t Get Pissed Off!

There has been at least 4 occasions where I went on a torrid losing streak that led to me losing like 200 trophies or more, and there’s always a pattern when this happens: I play worse and my decision making isn’t as sharp as it normally is.  When you’re angry, you stop strategizing and thinking about all the points that I mentioned above.  Your spell aim is off, your timing is off, and you fail to take notice of things that your opponent is doing to slowly chop away at your tower’s health.  So next time you start feeling like throwing your phone to the ground, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tell yourself “I’m better than this!”  Don’t let that laughing emoticon get to you!!


  1. kiry

    Amazing tips thank you

  2. Ceweed

    I couldn’t agree more with tip #5! I get so pissed off when I loose and my opponent send me the laughing emoticon! The I start going downhill!

  3. Hobbit

    Number 5 is easier said than done

    Whirlpool 99

  4. George

    Top 10 Clash Royale Tips!!!


  5. Pham Vo

    Really, I have to admit that I agree with tip # 5 because this is the problem I’m facing every time ( and I’m mean every battle ) I lose/defeated. They always give me that laughing emoji. But when I tried this tip. Damn, I won approximately 30 battle and gain up to 1000 trophies and now. Thank to this tip I went from arena 6-7. My dream come true.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Great to hear Pham! Keep it up and you’ll be in Royal Arena in no time!

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