Carrying as a Support in Vainglory (Part 1)

I see you there. Hanging your head low, thinking you failed your team. “I could have peeled better. I could have put down more vision.” Hold your head up, you’re the most valuable person on that team. I’ll tell you right now.

Support. The role no one wants. Everyone wants to deal damage, everyone wants to stare at their KDA like this game is Call of Duty, everyone wants to be the hero. Let’s get one thing out of the way, you didn’t get fed in the jungle or lane because your “good”. No no no. The support was there, without my slows, without my stuns, without my heals. You are nothing. It may sound self centered and a bit rude but, I’m tired of seeing support being treated like garbage, even if they do a big play it goes over everyone’s head. I’ll explain why the support role is vital to a team.


Just like an alcoholic needs his booze, a Jungler needs his/her support. Don’t you feel safe when you have a support next to your side? You depend on our Crowd Control to get out of sticky situations. Without a support you just get invaded 24/7 and that isn’t any fun, right? You depend on our Fountain of Renewal, Crucible, and let’s not forget we keep you safe from that Krul with a Atlas Pauldron and displacement.


Now, this does not excuse anyone from not buying scout traps from time to time. Majority of scout traps will come from the support. We supports spend a lot of gold on flares and Scout Traps so you don’t have to. We keep an eye on the mini map, saving you from ganks, securing objectives, making team fights in your teams favor. And that annoying Taka? Got 5 flares on standby, come for my carries.


Ever think, “Phew! I’m still alive! I don’t know how I got out of that!” Then you look back and see a friendly Ardan Gauntlet and the Ardan dies to keep you alive. Good supports will always die for you, they will do anything to catch the enemies attention and take the blows for you. Good supports will peel for you until their last breath. We supports will do anything in our power to make sure that after that team fight, your out alive.

Now that I’ve covered why supports are vital to your team let’s move onto how you can carry your team as a support.

Let me start with what items are crucial to get:

Fountain of Renewal

Gives your allies healing, this is increased the lower health they are. If you have this item and the enemy team doesn’t you can force a fight as you will win just by having this item. Should be part of every build.


A team Reflex Block. Crucial to block any devestating ultimate. This item is essential on any build. If the enemy team has lots of Crowd Control you need to rush this item first to negate any deadly abilities that could easily kill your allies.

Atlas Pauldron

This is a must against a Krul, Ringo, SAW. Decreases the attack speed of all enemies that are around you. Remember to be next to the enemy, then use your Atlas Pauldron active. If any of these heroes get fed in the beginning rush this item as it will hinder the damage they can put out.

Contraption / Warhorn

Contraption grants you unlimited vision. This item is only good if you are good at using actives constantly. Worth the price, good stats, all around a good item to get. Warhorn is the more popular choice as it gives you disengage potential and chase potential. Good stats on this item as well, the active does not seem all that great but, it is good in some situations.

Your main role is to SUPPORT. Understand? Do not build damage. That is not your job, your there to keep the damage dealers alive. Half of supports mess up starting at their builds. Look at what needs to be bought to counter the enemy team and buy it. Easy enough?


What does peeling mean? Peeling means you take off any enemies that want to harm or get close to your carries. For example, a Krul really wants to take out your Skye. He charges with his passive and his A ability to get to her; your job is to get him off of her. Use actives, abilities, ultimate, anything to make sure your carries remain safe and in the back line. Look at the enemies intentions, lock down the damage dealers, cripple them with actives, aquire ELO. Practice landing all your skill shots to effectively peel for your carries.


Make sure you have sight on them at all times. That means putting a new scout trap everytime it goes down. Stop the enemy team from getting any objevtives. Destroy their scout traps to make them scared to do any objective. Push turrets when enemies are down, steal their jungle farm, take Gold Mine, take their Minion Mine. Kills don’t win games. Map pressure, turret advantage, and teamwork wins games. As a side note, make sure to use a Minion Candy on the Gold Mine when it gets 3/4 full (if your team controls it) to have a 4th member dishing out damage on your team, if the enemy wants to steal it from you.


This is what makes or breaks a good support. You should always be roaming to lane when the enemy laner is overextended. They are asking to be killed by doing that with no vision of your side of the bush. Simply walk to lane with your Jungler, flare the opposite lane brush, if there are no enemies wait until he trades with your laner and use your gap closer to initiate. Throw any slows and any damage you can dish. They should be dead 99% of the time. Continue to do this as long as they are overextended to feed your Jungler and laner kills. It also tilts the enemy laner as a bonus!

Counter Ganking

If you notice the enemy team ganking your laner a lot, go to your lane brush. Wait for your laner to trade with theirs, flare the bush, as soon as the enemy team comes in you and your Jungler jump right in. You can usually get a couple of kills due to the surprise factor of you and your Jungler being there. Very effective if the enemy team is very active.

I will release a Part 2 of this guide as there is a lot to talk about the support role. These are the basics and the most crucial things a support must have down to carry games. Remember, love your supports because they do a lot to make sure you get all the credit and are held high in the spotlight.

This does not go for the supports that are jerks, the supports that think they can do no wrong. The supports that flame their team because they think their allies are “bad”. I’m sorry for those supports who treat their team like trash. Stay positive and Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^

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