How to Cut back on Toxicity in Vainglory

You give the enemy first blood. Oh no. The pings starts flowing in from the Glaive Jungler. He continues. You try to ignore it but he keeps doing it. Too late to mute him now, now you’re aggravated. You want to get even with him, so you spam the pings back to him. Everytime he dies you gives thumbs up and smiley faces. Everyone’s morale goes down and now you and your Glaive Jungler are more focused on pinging each other rather than playing the game. After the game is over your attempt to add him to tell him how bad he is. You’re frustrated and feel miserable.

Sucks doesn’t it?

Today I’ll teach you how to deal with toxicity and cut back on your toxicity. I interviewed a very toxic person after a game of mine. I wanted to get inside the head of a toxic person and see what they’re thinking, what they hope to accomplish, what motives they have for being so toxic. I added him, we hit it off right off the bat. He was thinking I was going to flame him so he proceeded with, “What the **** do you want?” I smiled and shook my head with my hands in my face. I replied with, “Can I ask you a few questions?” He then replied with, “**** off, piece of ****.” Not wanting to beat around the bush I asked him plainly, “Why are you so toxic? What’s the point of flaming teammates when you’re doing bad? Don’t you think that’s a bit strange?” Blinded by his pride he responded with, “I’m tired of bad teammates ruining my ranked games. I pinged you guys because you’re ******* bad! Get better kid, now get the **** off my friends list. You’re literally cancer.” Then he proceeded to delete me.

Now you’re probably thinking “That wasn’t an interview at all!”.  You’re not wrong, it didn’t seem like much of an interview, but I already got the answers I needed to make this guide. Now I won’t mention his name because I do not want to give any publicity to a person like that. Let’s get started.

You’re bad

Quite simply. You don’t know how to play Vainglory. You try to cover up your mistakes by saying your teammates are bad. Essentially you’re lying to yourself. Because you lied to yourself for so long, you start to actually believe your lie and continue to blame it on teammates. Even if your Rona is 15-0-20 and your going 1-6-2, you will still spam pings, you will still spam emotes, you will still be toxic, even when it’s YOUR fault you died. No one elses. Stop lying to yourself. Admit that you need to improve and move on. No one is perfect. You already have 3 enemies, why would you want to make 2 more on your team? Vainglory is team based, as much as you hate the fact that you need a team to win, it’s reality. Suck it up, or play a game that requires no team.


God FORBID you ever say sorry. You will not ever admit that your wrong. You won’t ever take the fall for a lost game. Your gameplay was great and everyone else needs to improve. News flash: you’re too prideful. If there’s ever a time where you tell yourself “Man I’m so good with this hero, all my other teammates need to get better”, then you’re too prideful. The moment you stop learning is when you fall into the pride trap, a trap that will never allow you to progress, a trap that hinders your ability to learn and makes you a toxic person. Humble is not part of your vocabulary. The pride trap leads you into my first point which is the lies you feed off of. You make yourself think you are better than you really are.

Past Experiences

You start having flashbacks from a few games ago when that Kestrel died 10 times to Krul and lost the game for you. Now your main role is lane. You won’t dare let anyone take that role from you. You instalock the first chance you get. If someone dares instalock for lane, you just troll them and spam pings, sharing lane farm and die multiple times because the fed Jungler and Support came to gank you two. Get off your high horse. Don’t tell me you never feed in your role. “I haven’t seen a better Ringo than me before. So why should I let anyone take my role?” Please. You fell into the pride trap in which you feed yourself lie after lie. See how everything is tied together? I’ll tell you why you’ve never seen a better Ringo than you on your team before. You instalock Ringo every game. Weird huh? God forbid you ever get slapped by a enemy Ringo. That wasn’t your fault, you kept getting ganked by their jungler and support all the time! You get ganked 24/7 because your overextended. Don’t expect the Jungler to not gank you when your playing like an idiot being overextended with no vision and no backup. It’s not your teammates. Your bad and your prideful.

I’ll tell you how to minimize your Toxic Intake. It’s just one simple tip. Mute everyone the second the game starts. Chances are your teammates won’t ping anything useful anyways. Now, you don’t have to see all the obnoxious pings! Now let me teach you how to cut back on YOUR toxicity:

The next time someone on your team dies and you think to yourself, ” OMG you are so bad! I’m going to spam pings to show you how much I hate you!”, just don’t. Forget the pings are even there, don’t touch them. Just don’t. Focus on the gameplay at hand. Stop making excuses for yourself and learn how to carry your team. Turn on some music, eat a Snickers, punch a pillow, cuddle with your pet or significant other. Just don’t tilt your teammates, you don’t know if they’re having a bad day or what happened to them. Everyone has bad games, deal with it. People cannot perform their best in all games, that’s just how we as humans work. We’re inconsistent a lot of times. By teaching yourself to not spam pings or emotes you start to do better, you start focusing more rather than whining and complaining. If your teammate dies and it frustrates you, yell at your phone. You can say to yourself, “Man that was such a dumb play! This guy is so bad!” Just don’t bring that attitude in the game. Do not linger on it either, let it go, and move on.

I hope you enjoyed this guide. It might not be your typical guide but, in my guides I focus more on the mindset and the psychology of why people do what they do. I’m here to create a better version of yourself. From the inside, out. Happy SOLO Q’ing!^_^


  1. JW

    Now if only the people who have this problem would actually read this…

  2. Lance

    Wish more people could read this. Made me get over my frustration for toxic players. What I learned: I’m not always as good as I think imam and not to project my toxicity onto others. #Breakthechain

  3. acidz

    Except if you the only one on your gettin tthe kill

  4. Lyra

    I’ve come across the “Your bad” one so many times. Especially since I play as Lyra and all of my team mates depend on me to live… But I mean, when I am on 1/100th of my health bar, I gotta flee. I love you all and I will try desperately to save you all but if you don’t listen to me when I put the (!) sign and signal for us all to GTFO of the danger zone, then I’m packing my weapons and leaving you thank you very much. AND it’s not my fault that you die. And after that, starts the mountain of pings and trying to get the other player to gang up on me as well by indicating that I’ve let the team down. Please stop! It hurts people’s feelings. I’m so sick of being pinged upon and seeing others pinged upon!


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