How to Lane in Vainglory (Part 1)

Ah the lane. What a beautiful place. Abundance of gold, fast leveling, room for outplays. Then…… There’s a Glaive ganking your lane and suddenly you’re dead and your phone is in pieces. Well I’ll teach you how to avoid all of that and how to win your lane consistently. Let’s go.

Minion Kills

The most reliable way to earn gold every game. No questions. Learn to last hit minions as this will provide you will a nice gold flow which allows you to get items earlier.

Flares and Scout Traps

Make it a habit to always have a scout trap in your lane brush and have a flare in your inventory at all times. The scout trap keeps you safe from invades and keeps you aware. The flare is useful when the enemy laner is being too aggressive for no reason or your enemy laner is low or if you are low and want to make sure no one is there to kill you. If you see that the enemy laner is low and want to get a kill, flare the enemy bush. If no one is there, engage on him/her and secure the kill or force them to back. Do not stay around after that unless you are positive they are not there. If you bought 2 flares, proceed to flares the bush again. If no one is there push your minions into the enemy turret so the enemy laner loses experience and gold. Go back to base. People do not lose their lane because they got outplayed, most of the times it’s because they are overextended with no vision. Buying flares might seem like a waste but in the long run they pay for themselves and give the enemies a hard time to get any kills on you.


Harassing is very useful as it will allow you to have presence in the lane and force your enemy to back or stay out of future engagements when you make rotations for a team fight. Do not miss minion kills to just harass as this will hurt you in the long run. Learn to get your minion kills while harassing. The best time to put some damage on the enemy is when he/she tries to kill a minion. You’re punishing the enemy laner, causing the enemy laner to be more cautious thus mission more minions putting them further back. Do not let them go unpunished, keep harassing and keep getting your gold. It takes times to get it down but when done correctly you will win your lane more consistently.

Stutter Stepping / Kiting

You hear these words a lot. But what do they mean? These terms mean that when you go to attack something you cancel the useless portion of your attack animation. I’ll use Ringo as an example. When you attack something you will see the full animation if you do not tap away. How to pull off stutter stepping is when you deal damage you immediately tap away or to your target. Depending on your attack speed is how fast you will need to do this. Repeat this and that is called stutter stepping or kiting, by cancelling the animation you have more DPS and are more mobile. It comes with practice and time but if you get it down you can carry a lot of games.

This is only part 1 so more parts will come out in the future! Hope you found this useful! Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^

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