Thoughts on Next Round of Balance Changes in Clash Royale Coming Next Week

It hasn’t even been a week since the mega update, and already the Clash Royale team has announced another round of balance changes for next week!  As always, here are my thoughts on the latest changes alongside the official explanation from Supercell:

Mini P.E.K.K.A: Hitpoints increased by 3%
SC: Mini P.E.K.K.A’s usage is quite low at the top, which is unfortunate for such a charismatic character; this little buff will hopefully make it a more enticing card.

MoEsport: I highly doubt a 3% HP increase will do much to entice players to use Mini P.E.K.K.A more.  There are just much better options at the 4 drop with Dragon, Hog Rider, and now Musketeer and Valkyrie.  I think the whole card needs to be reworked (ie. effect upon dying, character spawn, etc.) in order for it to be something that people would want to play.

Valkyrie: Attack speed increased to 1.5 seconds (from 1.6 seconds)
SC: Valkyrie feels a bit clunky and needs some love.

MoEsport: Again, the change is so minimal I doubt it’s going to impact whether or not something decides to add Valk to the deck.  The problem with Valk (and any slow moving single troop) is that it’s too easy to be taken out by towers or a swarm of troops.  In the future, I would love to see some troops get extra defence against tower damage – now THAT would make Valkyrie more enticing!

Giant: Hitpoints increased by 5%
SC: Giant is underused in the late game due to a couple of more enticing tank options (Golem and P.E.K.K.A). More hitpoints should make him a solid option again.

MoEsport: Good observation by the Clash Royale team, but again the Giant is just too easy to go down to towers and swarms of troops.  One cool suggestion for what they can do with Giant: have him deal a small amount of damage to ground troops that he is trampling over as he makes his way over to attack towers!

Tombstone: Spawns 4 Skeletons when destroyed (from 6 Skeletons)
SC: Tombstone is the most popular card among top players. You get too much defensive value for 3 Elixir.

MoEsport: As noted in my latest power ranking (Supercell are you reading these??), Tombstone is played by almost all top players as it is such an efficient stopper against Giants, Hog Riders, and everything else alike.  The 2 Skeletons don’t sound like much, but it can be the difference between Hog Rider getting 2 more hits on your tower.  Not sure if this would entice me to try out Cannon or Tesla as an alternative yet though.

Mortar: Lifetime increased to 30 seconds (from 20 seconds)
SC: We undershot the Mortar’s power a bit when re-working it. Adding 10 seconds to its lifetime should improve this.

MoEsport: I really hope the Supercell team actually tests this stuff instead of just throwing out a random number and seeing how this changes the balance of things.  This could potentially (finally) make Mortar a viable replacement for the X-Bow.

Bomb Tower: Attack speed increased to 1.6 seconds (from 1.7 seconds)
SC: Bomb Tower is still one of the least used cards in the game – give him a chance!

MoEsport: You want to know how to get people to give Bomb Tower a chance?  Same suggestion as last time: Let Bomb Tower spawn a Bomber upon being destroyed!!


Musketeer: Damage decreased by 25% and Elixir cost reduced to 4 (from 5 Elixir)
SC: Musketeer has played second fiddle to the Wizard for too long! Lower damage and cost should make her quite different and a more flexible choice.

MoEsport: I like this change as there were just too many 5-cost ranged characters in Wizard, Witch, and Musketeer.  A 25% damage decrease is a little too much though IMO, they should increase her hit speed as well to compensate.

Tesla: Damage increased by 7%
SC: Tesla is also one of the least used cards in the game. A little damage boost should bring it back into contention.

MoEsport: Like the change for Tesla, dislike the fact that another Tower is getting a buff, as too many players are starting to play the Tower Hoard/Blast Spell strategy.  Instead of just giving Tesla overall damage increase, maybe Supercell can make Tesla into an air defence tower, having it deal 25% more damage to air troops.

X-Bow: Deployment time increased to 5 seconds (from 3 seconds)
SC: X-Bow can be a very challenging card to deal with among low-mid level players. A longer deploy time should make it less frustrating to face.

MoEsport:  Everyone’s most hated card.  Instead of nerfing it, the right change would be to make the X-Bow more expensive to deploy (7 cost instead of 6) to make it more difficult for players to defend it once it is in play.  There’s nothing more frustrating than an X-Bow covered up by Barbarians or Minion Hordes, and that 1 extra cost would give opponents a much better change to counter the annoying tower.

Zap: Damage increased by 6%
SC: Zap hasn’t seen much use. A bit more damage will hopefully make it a more viable choice.

MoEsport: Again, instead of playing with percentage nerfs and buffs, I wish the Clash Royale team would do something a little more innovative with little played cards.  For Zap, how about make it able to “shock” a troop or tower for 1 second (like a mini freeze) on top of the damage that it deals?

Overall, I’m once again impressed with the speed in which the Clash Royale team are making adjustments, but I can’t help but to feel that I’m being used as a guinea pig in this game while they are trying to figure out how to better balance the gameplay leading up to global launch (not that I’m complaining, but I feel I probably deserve a free Magical Chest for all my troubles!).

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