Lead your team to Victory with Catherine in Vainglory

Hey again to another guide of mine, surprised you stuck with me for so long! In this guide there won’t be any complicated words or math involved so don’t worry. Let’s get into it.

Who is Catherine?


Catherine is a classic support who was one of the first to walk on the fold. She has a very well-rounded kit making her excellent for all team compositions. She can be defensive or an initiator, depends how your team is doing. Let’s talk about her abilities.

Passive: Captain of the Guard

Catherine gains 1 armor and shield everytime she stuns or silences enemy hero’s with an ability.

This makes Catherine The Great Wall of China. She is a walking tank, you won’t be getting through her anytime soon. On average you will stun and silence enemies 20-30 times a game considering you have such short Cooldowns. That’s a free 20-30 armor just by using your abilities! Go and stun enemies just to build up your passive, don’t engage just look to stun/silence an enemy whenever you can.

A Ability: Merciless Pursuit

Catherine gains a burst of movement speed and stuns the selected enemy. At level 1 the duration is 0.7 seconds but when this ability is in overdrive it will stun for 1.2 seconds! This ability is the bread and butter for Catherine, this ability makes her so damn tanky. Spam this ability as much as you can. Avoid stunning Phinn, as he will resist it and it will not have any effect on him. Wait for crucial abilities to come out like ultimates or SAW’s Suppressing Fire to stun him out of his passive. In a fight just stick onto the squishy targets and keep stunning them, taking them out of the fight. It has a short cooldown so don’t be afraid to use it often. I highly recommend overdriving this ability.

B Ability: Stormguard 

Catherine gains a shield around her reflecting a small amount of damage she takes back to whoever is dealing damage to her. The duration reduces by 0.5 for every hit she takes. When this ability is in overdrive she reflects 25% of the damage back. Man this ability is annoying. Any Ringo mains out there? Remember when you killed yourself by attacking Catherine when her shield was up? Yeah I was there too saying “Wait how did I die?!” This ability will destroy entire teams if she is focused when this ability is active. If she builds Eve of Harvest then she does even more damage just by standing there and doing nothing. As Catherine you want to be in the middle of the fight and get in their faces so they have no choice but to focus you. Activate this ability, go to town and get the ace! I highly recommend overdriving this ability.

C Ability: Tremor

Catherine slams the ground dealing crystal damage and silencing all enemies in a cone in front of her. This ability silences for 2.5 seconds at level 1 and when put into overdrive the duration is extended to 3.5 seconds. This ability is what separates a good Catherine player from a phenomenal Catherine player. Use this to initiate fights and watch your enemies scramble helplessly while you and your team beat their faces in. 2.5 seconds is enough to take out any key target you want. In the time that they are silenced they cannot use any abilities OR actives, basically leaving them helpless. If you manage to land this on the whole team in a fight and you won that battle. Try using your ultimate where the enemy has no vision, for example. It’s late game and you and your team are in a bush waiting for the other team. The enemy Skye decides to face check the bush your team is standing in, before she walks into the bush use your ultimate and kill her and her team. Now, let’s say it’s the opposite, the enemy is waiting in a bush and you flare it (because you’re a good support from reading my guides), your team sees them, walk up to that bush and use your ultimate, use your Warhorn and let the other team have it. Then proceed to shatter their vain. I do not recommend overdriving this ability but it is ok if you choose to do so.

Now that we got the abilities out of the way let’s talk about the different play styles Catherine can do.

The Protector 

Is your team having a rough early game? Keep getting invaded by a Koshka and her pet Fortress? You’re now looking to play the Protector Role. Essentially what this role is, is all about defensive play and disengaging. Buy yourself 4-5 scout traps and 2-3 flares. Scout trap your bush at the shop, scout trap your Tri Bush next to the Gold Miner, scout trap your laners bush, and Scout trap your Minion Mine bush. Now you have full vision and control of your jungle. Now that you feel safe in your jungle, rush a stormguard and powerfarm your jungle with your jungler. Makes sure to leash him or her on their jungle camps. Whenever you see the enemy trying to invade, clear your jungle fast and head to your laner and gank for him. You wasted the enemies’ time and hopefully got your team a kill in the lane uncontested. If you manage to not see an invade happening and the enemy jumps onto your jungler, simply stun the damage dealer and walk out safely with your jungler. Rinse and repeat this process. If you end up buying a lot of traps and Flares I would recommend a Contraption as it will pay off in the long run. You can always sell it for a Warhorn late game. If your carries are struggling in teamfights simply silence the enemy team and stun either the laner or jungler, whoever is more squishy you should focus. Never stun the support as their job is to soak up crowd control and damage, the only exception is if they build for damage and not utility. In that case they will be squishy so you can focus them as well. Peel for your carries and take their carries out of the fight. Have your shield up during the fight to deal a significant amount of damage without enemies noticing. Now that you fully understand the Protector Role let’s move onto the next one.

Initiator Role

Your team is doing well and you want to shove your lead down the enemies throats. Right? So this time you will be playing an aggressive support. Pick any fight you can get as long as your team is healthy as you will always win the fight. Punish enemies for their mistakes and invade their jungle all day long. Watch out for the enemy laner as sometimes they will roam to help their teammates. Your job is to tilt their support and jungler to no end. Make them AFK. Make them ping their teammates. Make them agitated. Gank the laner unceasing until he begs for mercy. Make sure to have your jungle and all your camps scout trapped as they will try to invade your jungle while you are in theirs. Take Gold Mine, and if they want to contest it, kill them all and then take it. Your job is to focus any squishy target you can and lock them down until kingdom come. Do not let them have a breather in a teamfight. Make them feel hopeless while you and your team bathe in the sweet sweet gold. Scout trap their jungle, make them feel unsafe at all times. Whenever their turrets drops, place scout traps even deeper into their jungle. When another drops move scout traps even further in any bush you can to have eyes on the map at all times. In teamfights start with your ultimate wait for 2 seconds and then stun a key target. Activate your B ability and stand right next to the squishy target ensuring he cannot escape as you will keep stunning him. You initiate fights, and if your team needs help with a Taka you stun him and make him pay as well. Any fight you take at this point you will win as long as your Cooldowns and actives are available. The enemy team will be focusing you as you will be in their faces all day long, letting your carries do all the damage. That is how you play the Initiator Role.

Protector / Initiator Role

This is where you struggle in the early game but, end up gaining an advantage through turrets, objectives, and good peeling in teamfights. Now you are in the lead. Initiate the teamfights, stun any assassin’s that can burst your carries down and take them out of the fight immediately. Then focus the laner and or jungle, and leaving the support to watch the horror of their ELO going out the window as you close out the game.

So let’s go over some things.
Scout trap your jungle to have full control over it.Flare bushes if your team wants to face check it.Have your B ability activated in fights.Stun any assassin’s trying to burst your carries down.Focus the squishy targetsIf you have a lead, take any fight you can get and extend your lead.Gank lane whenever the laner is overextended or hanging around on low health.Initiate with your ultimate to lock down specific targets.Secure objectives with vision first then take it whenever it is safe.Spam your abilities to make the most out of your passive. Peel for your carry.Use actives on the right targets.Now that we covered on how to play her, let’s talk about how you should build her.

The item that should always come first unless they have a fed Ringo/Krul or a triple stun composition, is a Fountain of Renewal. For a fed Ringo/Krul build Atlas Pauldron and for a heavy crowd control team build Crucible. Fountain of Renewal will give you a huge advantage in teamfights, making you and your teammates last longer thus dealing more damage. This should be your first Core Item in normal circumstances. The next item is situational you would build Atlas Pauldron or Crucible. Atlas Pauldron for high DPS heroes or Crucible to block vital ultimates such as a Adagio ultimate or Koshka Ultimate or a Ringo Ultimate. The next item should be your Contraption or Warhorn for utility purposes. Next item is Eve of Harvest. This is more used for utility rather than damage. This item revolves around your B ability, while you take damage it will increase the damage output of your shield and heal you for some of the damage taken, making you even a bigger tank than before! Thought a Catherine was annoying? Try a undying Catherine that continously heals while you hit her. Next item should be your Atlas Pauldron or Crucible depends what you bought first. If they have no high DPS heroes then invest in a Shiver Steel to lock down targets for sure. Last but not least finish off your Journey Boots. So let’s make a list.
Fountain of RenewalCrucible/Atlas PauldronWarhorn/ContraptionEve of HarvestCrucible/Atlas Pauldron/Shiver SteelJourney BootsAnother way to build her is if you are really far ahead and want some good damage on you just replace the Eve of Harvest with a Aftershock. But this is only if you are far ahead. Do not sacrifice utility for damage as it is not worth doing.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and took something from it! Thank you for supporting me in making content for you lovely folks! My next guide will be on Fortress. If you have any comments or opinions or concerns please leave a comment! Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^


  1. VGDoctorDave

    I don’t overdrive Merciless Pursuit. It’s not worth the extra mana cost, small stun time and damage increase. Overdriving Stormguard is important against almost all comps, and maxing your ultimate, in combination with CDA items, allows you to usually get two Blast Tremors off in a team fight.

    I also don’t like building an Eve of Harvest. Catherine shouldn’t be played as a semi-carry, and building for damage is not important. Building an aftershock is great, as it lowers your cooldowns, allowing you to stun and silence more often. Eve is a selfish item. My build is Boots, Fountain, Contraption, Clockwork, T2 boots, another T3 situational defense, either Atlas or Crucible, and finishing with Aftershock. If the game goes long enough, T3 boots, and a crystal infusion, weapon too if it’s REALLY long.

    1. UniqueToxin

      That build is also great! As long as your building to fit your team and fill the role you picked, you should be fine. Thank you for reading this guide, much appreciated!


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