Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Feb. 9th)

Another week, another set of balance changes!  There have been some huge movements around the rankings as top players have begun experimenting with new cards that were buffed, and are settling in on the adjustments from the last round of balance changes.  Most notable, the ever popular Wizard, once #1 on the Power Rankings, have now been knocked out of the Top 10 with only 1 of the top 20 players using the card in their decks!  So who’s the new number 1 this week?  Let’s find out!

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Jan. 26th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Spear Goblin  clashroyale-icons-speargoblins 4 (tied) And it wasn’t even close!  The cheap and effective spear hurlers are now used by 18 of the top 20 players!
2 (tied) Lightning  Lightning NEW Out of nowhere, the blast spell returns to the ranking board with style at the #2 spot.  If there was a stat of card most used to finish off a tower, Lightning would probably be on top of the list.
2 (tied) Baby Dragon  clashroyale-icons-babydragon NEW Another unranked card from last week making its way back on the board!  Baby Dragon survived all the recent nerfs and is now probably the best 4-cost card in the game.
4 (tied) Hog Rider  clashroyale-icons-hogrider 4 (tied) The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The happy Hog Rider stays in the #4 spot this week.
4 (tied) Arrows  Arrows 10 With Spear Goblins and other low health troops being so popular, it only makes sense that Arrows continue to be a popular card amongst top players.
6 Tombstone  Tombstone 1 Tombstone was arguably the highlight of the latest round of nerfs (well that or X-bow for lower tier players).  It remains to be seen how much weaker the card is now that you only get 4 Skeletons instead of 6.
7 (tied) Archer  clashroyale-icons-archers 6 Just like Spear Goblins, it appears that cheap ranged troops is the way to go (for now)
7 (tied)  Tesla  tesla NEW Making its Card Power Rankings debut, Tesla is probably the biggest beneficiary from the most recent round of balance changes.
9 Inferno Tower  inferno_tower NEW Also returning to the rankings board is the Golem and Giant’s worse nightmare, and probably the reason why everyone needs some goblins, minions and skeletons
10 (tied) Goblins


Minion Horde

NEW We have a 3-way tie to round out the Top 10 this week so I won’t go into depth with it, but great to see Golem finally making its way on the chart!

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