How to Improve On The 5 Least Popular Clash Royale Cards

Instead of talking about the game’s most popular cards (which I do on a weekly basis with my Card Power Rankings), I want to shed some light on the other side of the spectrum: the cards that are seldom used.  Despite the best efforts from the Supercell team, after 3 rounds of balance changes, there still remains a good number of cards that are just plain weak when compared to their peers.  Below is a list of 5 of such cards, and my suggestions on how to improve them:

1) Mini P.E.K.K.A

The Problem: The Mini P.E.K.K.A is fast and hits pretty hard, but the problem is it’s too easy to take out by just about any other card in the game.  It has no range, it has less HP than the Knight at 3-cost, and players are just not getting enough value from the card at its current 4-cost.

Recommendation:  Mini P.E.K.K.A’s weakness surfaces one of the current problems with Clash Royale: too many cards do almost the exact same thing, with only minor variances in speed, HP and damage.  Instead of trying to rebalance Mini P.E.K.K.A’s stats, Supercell can make Mini P.E.K.K.A more useful by perhaps making it take say 50% less damage from towers and spells (we can claim it’s the magic armor!)  With so many annoying tower decks out there, this change will immediately encourage players to start considering adding Mini P.E.K.K.A into their decks.

2) Valkyrie

The Problem: Another rare troop card that recently got a buff but still receives no love, Valkyrie has hardly any range and not much speed.  Some players have found success playing Valkyrie in crowds in opposing players’ territory, but flyers and towers can take her out with ease.

Recommendation: Since I already used the tower damage protection buff idea for Mini P.E.K.K.A, why don’t we make Valkyrie able to do MORE damage to towers? It makes sense since she’s such an effective building wrecker in Clash of Clans, so let’s give her that role in Clash Royale as well!  A 50% damage increase on towers sounds pretty decent.  (And don’t think a 50% damage increase is too extraordinary.  Need I remind you how much damage increase the Prince gets while he’s charging?)

3) Skeleton Army

The Problem: Another 4-cost card!  Are we starting to see a trend?  The once-popular stopper of chargers and Giants are now hardly used anymore as players are finding Tombstone to be a better and more cost-effective defensive stopper.

Recommendation: This is where I get original: instead of making it a troop card, how about making it a “trap” card?  What this means is that players can play the card down like a tower, but the opponent will not see the card being played.  Once a troop crosses the radius of the “trap”, the 16 Skeletons rise from the ground and immediately commence their sneak attack!  This will add a new dimension to the game as players can spend Elixer early to preempt attacks, and save up for a counter-attack once the trap is activated.

4) Zap

The Problem: Supercell tried to encourage players to use Zap more by giving it a 7% damage increase, but the little damage it deals just isn’t effective enough for it to be played in place of other spells like Arrows and Fireball.

Recommendation: As suggested in my commentary on the latest round of balance changes, the game can make Zap into a mini-freeze by making all damaged troops and towers unable to move for 1 second (the “shock”).  One second is not a lot, but can potentially be a game changer and something that will make the card worth playing.  In fact, such a change would be so effective that I would suggest for the card’s damage to be lowered!

5)  Bomb Tower

The Problem: OK, I’ve been seeing more Bomb Towers in the very much hated Tower Hoard/Rocket decks.  But as a defence tower, there’s no reason anyone would want to play it over Inferno Tower or even Tesla as it can only damage ground troops.  Even after 2 rounds of buffs, the Bomb Tower is still not a very popular card in Clash Royale.

Recommendation:  As previously suggested here and here, let Bomb Tower generate a Bomber when the tower is destroyed!  Doesn’t it make sense for the Bomber to get out of the Tower instead of just having it disappear with the Tower itself??  If Tombstones can spawn 4 Skeletons when it is destroyed, why can’t my Bomb Tower give me one Bomber??  Make it happen Supercell!!



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  2. Anton

    I didn’t see a problem with any of those cards except the skele army zap right now is the best spell in the game, valk is one of the best counters in the game, bomb tower is okay it’s still used more than tesla, mini pekka is the best counter to RG right now.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Agreed Anton, I’m guess you came across this article through search, as it was written well before the many rounds of buffs and nerfs!!


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