First Clash Royale Legendary Season Comes to an End!

Well that was fast!  It’s been exactly 2 weeks since Clash Royale launched its Legendary Arena Season format, and we have our first Top 10 Players Rankings for Season 1:


  1. 鍾培生                  4220
  2. 鍾培生的小號       4211
  3. xSCWx                 4171
  4. 梵天神                  4018
  5. 梵戰神                  3984
  6. 도타                      3905
  7. Smurf                   3874
  8. Apex                    3854
  9. 坤哥AGAIN          3839
  10. Zed                      3814

Now that the 200+ players who have over 3000 trophies are brought back to the same level, it will be interesting to see whether the same group of players will be able to climb their way back on top of the leaderboard for the 2nd season.  Congrats to the top players and we look forward to seeing more of your replays on TV Royale!

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  1. afbeme

    – YIBADA English Clash Royale 1. Where is this information?


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