Previewing the Hearthstone Standard Format through the Curse Trials

Today marked the first day of the Curse Trials, a $30,000 invitational Hearthstone event hosted by Curse and Amaz’s Team Archon.  The participants are names that followers of the eSports scene would be very familiar with (full list below), but the most interesting thing about the tournament is that it is the first tournament that is using the new Standard rules that were announced by Blizzard just 2 weeks earlier.  This of course means no Naxxramas or Goblins vs Gnomes cards.

The matches are streamed live from Amaz’s Twitch Channel, and likewise uploaded on his Youtube Channel upon completion.  While I have not had the time to watch the matches (disclosure: I have a full time job outside of running this website!), the participant’s Twitter feeds provided a lot of interesting insights on the matches, namely my favorite Hearthstone player Brian Kibler.  Since the announcement of the Standard format, Brian has been very vocal about how Druid decks will be overpowered as the staples of top Druid decks are all Basic Cards.  As Brian revealed after his lost to Forsen, his strategy heading into the tournament was to build decks AGAINST Druid, but it backfired:

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.33.13 PM

I personally can’t wait to see the entire decklist of all the players – hearthpwn will be making them available once the tournament is over.  Just a random prediction, but I’ll pick Firebat of Lifecoach to come out on top in this tournament.

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