Details on the “Leaked” info for upcoming Clash Royale Cards and Game Modes

Reddit user spAnser, known around the forums and beyond for being a reliable source of leaked game info, dropped a ton of info today on what’s to come for Clash Royale once the game hits Global Launch (or beyond):

A New Arena Called “Builder’s Workshop”

This will be for players with 1700-1999 trophies, sliding in between Spell Valley and Royal Arena

21 New AI Trainers to Play Against

Not that you’ll remember all their names, but they are: Trainer Clint, Trainer Basil, Trainer Sybil, Trainer Dopey, Trainer Marty, Trainer Arnold, Trainer Bashful, Trainer Dent, Trainer Marvin, Trainer Sneezy, Trainer Whisker, Trainer Snow, Trainer Sleepy, Trainer Freeze, Trainer Vincent, Trainer Faker, Trainer Léon, Trainer Happy, Trainer Louis, Trainer Quincy, and Trainer Max.  No word on whether this will be just simply AI you can fight against for practice like the current trainers, or a progressive PvE mode like Clash of Clans.

New Chests: Giant and Super Magic Chests

Here’s a breakdown on how they would compare against the current chests:

Name Estimated Base Cost Time to Open Random Cards Rare Chance Epic Chance Legendary Chance Gold
Gold 75 8 H 10 10 285 5700 70-80
Magic 320 12 H 30 3 30 600 200-250
Giant Chest ? 210 ? 12 H 80 10 500 10000 550-650
Super Magical Chest ? 1640 ? 24 H 180 5 30 600 1200-1500


Personally not a big fan of more chests that take even longer (or more gems) to open.  I suppose this is the only way Supercell can get the maxed out guys to keep having something to pay for in the game….

New Spells and New Troops


And for the more exciting spoilers!  Some of these cards you can already see from the image above.  Below is a breakdown of their stats and abilities:


name rarity unlocked Cost Radius
Poison Epic Spell Valley 4 3.5


Name Description
Ice Wizard This chill caster hails from the far North. He shoots ice shards at enemies, slowing down their movement and attack speed.
Royal Giant Sighting his massive cannon at enemy buildings, the Royal Giant comes in like a wrecking ball.
Princess Shoots a volley of flaming arrows halfway across the Arena. The Princess is afraid of germs, so keep the rabble away from her!
Guard With a sledgehammer that deals damage in a small area and a shield to block incoming damage, the Guard is a formidable fighter.


Name Rarity Unlocked Cost HP Hit Speed Deploy Time Damage Attack Range
Ice Wizard Legendary Spell Valley 3 700 1.5 1s 60 6.0
Royal Giant Common Royal Arena 6 1200 1.5 1s 60 6.0
Princess Legendary Royal Arena 3 240 3.0 2.5s 150 10.0
Guard Epic Royal Arena 4 900 1.1 0.7s 110 Melee
Three Musketeers Epic Royal Arena 10
Flying Machine ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Black Knight ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


Holy Moly, I don’t know what to make of all this!  Some of these stats are so extreme that I can’t even begin imagining how it would affect the balance of the game.  First of, a wizard that can slow down enemy movement sounds like something that everyone would want in their deck.  Sadly, if it is a Legendary card, then only those who fork out the big bucks (or get extremely lucky) would be able to utilize the troop.  Same goes for Princess: a 10 attack range dealing 150 damage, are you kidding me??  Even at 240 HP, it’s worth putting in everyone’s deck simply just because it would trade well against anything (even the Fireball to take it out would cost one more Elixer).

Seeing these stats really made me realize how much the game balance will change once new cards are introduced.  It will be race to get the new cards upgraded to the point where you can use them.  This will especially be hard for top level players, as card drops from chests are random and the odds for getting an Epic/Legendary is tiny unless it’s a Magical Chest.  In the future, I think it is absolutely necessary that the game allows players to “craft” cards (similar to Hearthstone) with coins, on top of the daily sales that they have right now.

Of course, do keep in mind that this “leaked” info is not verified, and is subject to change even if it is true.  So until Supercell makes any kind of official announcement, I wouldn’t hold my breath or start tweaking my deck to make room for these cards just yet!


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    Oh wow! This might change the game a lot!

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