Turning Off Your Auto Pilot in Vainglory

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while. Life happens sometimes! But now I’m back.

What does Auto Pilot Syndrome mean?

All of us have suffered from this. Most of us still do, only the few that escape. Essentially what it means is that you grind out all your games with no improvement, constantly blaming teammates for mistakes, and the worst part is you never change up your gameplay. MOBA’s were created to make you creative in your gameplay. Not every game is the same situation and therefore there are situational items. You wouldn’t dare build armor against someone who uses magic right? Well believe it or not people who send me gameplay and I review it saying, “Oh man I’m still in this elo because of teammates”, they are the people who do this. The enemy is obviously full Crystal Powered and you built a Metal Jacket? Are you sure it’s your team to blame? Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some toxic players you will meet once in a while and some games are just lost. But, if you deserve to be in a higher rank then you will get there, surely but slowly. Now let me tell you how you can turn your auto pilot off.

Shut it off!

You’re in hero selection. Look at your team, look at the enemy team. What do they have? Let’s say your team has a Skarff and a Glaive jungle. You’re now put in the roam role. Who would be a good match with these two? Ardan. Their ultimates work perfectly together for a nice wombo combo! See? All you have to do is think. If you always pick roam Phinn it might not be what your team needs. So now look at the other team: let’s say they have a Celeste crystal powered lane, BlackFeather weapon powered jungle, and a Adagio support. Now looking at their team, you know to build Fountain of Renewal, Atlas Pauldron, and a Crucible with no questions asked. Now wasn’t that easy? Thinking goes a long way! Now for situational items in game. Team keeps getting caught because lack of vision? Buy a Contraption. Team can’t finish off kills or catch up to low health enemies? Buy a Warhorn and Shiversteel. It’s simple. Now for teamfighting.

As a support and especially as Ardan your job is to start a fight and let enemies focus on you. Your team will engage if you land a nice Gauntlet on the enemy team. Throw down your Gauntlet and watch Skarff and Glaive go to town on the enemy team. Your ultimate makes it so they can’t leave the ring unless they use a Reflex Block which leaves them very vulnerable to attacks and makes enemies panic. Keep your teammates safe and be a nuisance to the enemy team. Remember to use all actives.

Keep it off

You’ll be going on that inevitable losing streak and you will fall back in the same routine of mindless gaming. Whenever you lose take something away from it. For me a game that I lose is always a win for me if I learned something, like don’t face check bushes if I’m a squishy target because a Catherine might just destroy me with her team. Remember not every game can be won because yes, it is a team game and yes, teammates sometimes feel like they are secretly working for the enemy team.

Do not let your emotions dictate your gameplay

Another reason for having your auto pilot on is your emotions. Yes believe it or not your emotions do have a big effect on your gameplay. Whenever you rage your game tends to go well. Whenever you keep a positive outlook your games tend to go well and a bit more smooth. It’s like life if you keep saying, ” Woe is me! I am doomed and no one can understand me. I will never be anything in life”, then yeah you probably won’t because your emotions are taking advantage of your weak mind. A person who has a positive outlook on life even in times of trial will always become something greater and will get ahead in life. Feeling mad? Don’t play for the day, as it will only aggravate you. Unless you play with friends then go for it! Play when you feel good, full on good food, hydrated and ready to play some ranked games! Being angry or depressed can put you back into this Auto Pilot state which will limit you to how far you can actually go.

Let’s recap:

  • Think about your team composition
  • Think about your item building path
  • Think about your team fighting
  • Do not let your emotions downgrade your gameplay and life.

Thanks for reading another one of my guides! I will be making videos in the future so it’s a bit more entertaining for you all! Sorry for the wait! Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^

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