The Key Factors for Succeeding in Vainglory

Back again with another guide! Thank you to everyone who stuck with me for this long. So I bet you’re wondering, “What is the key to success?” All these articles I have been writing are little pieces of what you’ll need to succeed. Now I’ll share with you another piece and probably the last one to sum it all up. Ready?

Knowing yourself but, know your enemy better.

What does that mean? I’ll explain. This advice will help you win lane majority of the time. Let’s say it’s a Ringo mirror match up. He uses his passive on a Minion and does not kill it so now his passive is gone. Knowing this you have your passive up go and harass him with an auto attack and a A ability. While you harass him he’s going to have to retreat or last hit a Minion to get his passive back up. But, be careful as the enemy can do the same to you. Now why is knowing your enemy important?  You’ll know their weak and strong points.

Get to know the Cooldowns of all enemy heroes.

It sounds like a chore but, becomes a very useful tool when you keep track of a game changing ultimate like a Phinn hook or Ardan Gauntlet. You don’t need to know the Cooldowns for every hero to go to high elo. It’s just more for yourself and improving your gameplay in every area. If your play Ringo a lot you will know he’s not great in the early game and becomes a late game monster. Phinn is weak early on due to lack of mobility. Celeste is a very good early game hero due to her insane poke damage. The point is to know when your able to take advantage of an enemy and when to avoid fighting an enemy.

Keep track of Actives and Ultimate Cooldowns

Did Catherine waste her ultimate on a fail engage? Did Ringo burn his ultimate on a ally but still got away? Keep track of the Cooldowns for their ultimates. Let’s say Catherine does not have her ultimate for 70 seconds. That leaves you 70 seconds with an upper hand in teamfights. She won’t be able to silence and disrupt your whole team! Do not be afraid to take teamfights where the enemy team has barely any ultimates. Now do keep in mind if your team used any ultimates or actives and weigh the odds against you. If your Glaive used an ultimate then it’s not that big of a deal compared to an Ardan Gauntlet. Make sure your Fountain of Renewal is always up before a fight to make sure your team stays alive for longer. Take advantage of enemies who have their actives on Cooldowns such as Reflex Block which has a hefty timer compared to other actives.

Knowing the Limits

Knowing the limitations of most of the champions is a very good thing to learn. You’ll know when you need to shut someone down when they dish out too much damage. If you get (X) item on (Y) hero, you know the amount of damage you can put out or the amount of damage you can take. Pushing yourself to the limit is a fantastic way to learn as you will feel a lot more comfortable while being in uncomfortable situations.

Now I’m not saying that you need to keep track of every little thing to climb the ladder. But if you are planning on competitive play then yes you will need to keep track of every little thing because you need every advantage you can get to win. Hope you enjoyed this guide! Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^

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