Deck List from The Curse Trials Standard Hearthstone Tournament

The Curse Trials was an interesting tournament that was the first to utilize Hearthstone’s new standard format, forcing top players to re-think and re-strategize their decks without their Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins v.s. Gnomes cards.  As anticipated, there were a lot of Druid decks running the formidable Savage Roar/Force of Nature combo.  There have already been hints that some cards from the basic set will be adjusted once the new standard mode kicks in, and you can almost be sure that either one or both of these cards will be getting a nerf.

As you would expect from tournaments with so many top players, there were many great matches worth revisiting.  The matchup between Lifecoach and Zalae in round 2 especially stood out, with some viewers calling this match the best they’ve ever seen (!) In the end, Thijs came out on top beating Savjz 3-2.

A week after the tournament, Hearthpwn has finally gotten around to collecting most of the decks that were used by the player, and they can be found here.  As usual, Hearthpwn has done a great job not just providing a card list, but also tallying up the Arcane Dust it would cost to craft each deck as well as displaying the mana curve.  As mentioned above, it is almost certain that the cards will be rebalanced by the time standard mode kicks in, but until then this is a great preview of what’s to come!

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