The Team Death Match Mentality in Vainglory

“What is TDM Mentality?”

We all know that one guy. Kills are the most important thing to him. You can take down 5 turrets and he still won’t say “good job”. He will always blame his team for feeding, even though he won’t secure one objective while he’s 10-0. Kills are the name of the game for this guy. This guy will be on your team, you’ll be 30-10 and lose that game. This guy will sit there and blame his team that they lost that game even though he had no objective control. Don’t be this guy.

Snap out of it!

You’re in for a rude awakening. Ready? Kills don’t win games. It’s what you do with those kills that win games. It’s what you do to punish the enemy for dying that wins games. Late game will come sooner or later, and when the time comes everyone has full build and level 12 so your 30-0 score doesn’t matter anymore. This isn’t Call of Duty where you get 11 kills and get a kill streak. You can’t summon a Harrier Strike or Nuke on the fold. Get out of the, “I need kills or I won’t be able to stroke my ego”, mindset. Know what each role does and how to control the flow of the game depending on your role. Laners are high burst or DPS heroes that can rip through turrets, miners, Kraken, and your enemies. They trade in their squishiness for damage and mobility, keep these teammates safe. Jungler decides the flow of the game with ganks and jungle invades. Usually they are the bruisers of the team dishing out decent damage and can take a beating depending on your build. Supports are the babysitter of the team making sure all teammates are alive and healthy in fights. Often supports will have a wide range of Crowd control they can use to disrupt enemies and keep their team alive. Supports will have many actives to use and will have no downtime during the match, meaning that supports are constantly doing something.

There, now you have an understanding of each role. How do you win the game? By shattering their vain. What do you need to do to get to their vain? That’s right, destroying their turrets. This game is about objective control and if you get some early kills, that’s good for you now snowball the game and end it quickly! Kills only help you snowball your team and also bring a morale boost to the fact that have a lot of kills so its basically eye candy.

Now kills are not bad in any way. Just don’t get hung up on them. If your team gives the first kill, don’t spam ping. It’s not GG. Relax, we all have bad starts to a game, and we can comeback from a bad early game and have a phenomenal late game. There are plenty of games that are TDM based, go and play those if you want to win with kills. I hope you find something helpful in this post! Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^

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