Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Mar. 1st)

The Card Power Rankings will never be the same.  It has only been 2 days since the introduction of the 6 new cards, and already we have witnessed significant changes in top player decks.  To no one’s surprise, the Legendary cards have already become a staple in many decks, and you can expect them to be sticking around on the rankings for a long long time.

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Mar. 1st)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Prince  prince 8 (tied) Surprise!  With the emphasis of “Offense over Defense”, the charging Prince is now the most played card amongst the top 20 players!
2 Arrows  Arrows 6 (tied) With more and more swarms of troops being played together, the cheap and effective Arrows is finding its way back into most decks
3 (tied) Hog Rider  clashroyale-icons-hogrider 1 (tied) Still the best building wrecker in the game, but now being played slightly less because…
3 (tied) Dark Prince  DarkPrince NEW …now there’s another 4-cost charger in the Dark Prince!  The shielded rider is our first new entry into this week’s Top 10.
5 (tied) Goblins  goblins 5 Even with the new card, the cheap Goblins retain their number 5 spot.  Any coincidence that they also happen to be a cheap deterrent for the chargers above??
5 (tied) Barbarians  clashroyale-icons-barbarian 10 (tied) Another good defensive card against the chargers.  Starting to see a theme here…
5 (tied) Princess  Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.52.58 PM NEW Officially the game’s most desired card, expect Princess to be even higher up the charts once top players are able to unlock and upgrade her.
8 (tied)  Baby Dragon  clashroyale-icons-babydragon 2 Still the lovable 2-way troop that everyone like to play, but no longer as popular with the arrival of Dark Prince as a 4-cost troop and its inability to stop the charge.  Who would’ve thought being a flyer would become a liability??
8 (tied) Spear Goblin  clashroyale-icons-speargoblins 3 (tied) The top 10 ranks staple falls to the bottom of the charts as player now opt for the heavier damaging Goblins
8 (tied) Bomb Tower  bomb_tower NEW Can’t deal with flyers?  Who cares?? Bomb Tower’s strong body and AoE ground damage now makes it the game’s most popular tower for top players
8 (tied) Ice Wizard


 IceWizard NEW Our second and slightly less popular Legendary makes its debute on the bottom of the top 10


  1. CC

    seems like all the top players are using new cards. I opened a super magical chest and got no legendary card but poison. Not sure if you can get legendary card any other way besides super magical chest

    1. Dark King

      Thats how supercell makes money! Super magical chest is the only way getting legendary cards!

  2. Parapro

    Nop all the chets can drop a lengendary, even silvers. But a very thin chance.


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