The Top 10 Players for the Second Legendary Season in Clash Royale

The second Legendary Season came to an end on Monday shortly before the big update this week.  Below is the list of the Top 10 players this Season:

Rank Player Name Trophies
1 鐘培生 4535
2 鐘培生的小號 4428
3 梵戰神 4287
4 六月二十 4233
5 Jerry 4199
6 长孙CC 4190
7 Bluesky 4176
8 xSCWx 4175
9 -<KING>- 4174
10 Smurf 4117


Derek Cheung and the HKEsports team dominated this season, securing the top 3 spots amidst some controversy surrounding match fixings.  But now with new Legendary cards and more players with maxed out cards, I expect to see a lot more competition in the top ranks, and the possibility for a new player to unseed Derek as the number one player!

MoEsport will soon be compiling and accumulating the trophy records for the Top 200 players each season, stay tuned!


  1. CC

    Not any more. Derek finally isn’t the number 1 player any more after new legendary cards are launched. I’m so happy to finally see some change in leaderboard. Smurf is number one now. Dont really care who is #1, just happy to see hkesports are not.

    1. Rocket

      Lol derek is no1

  2. Jackson

    HKesport retook the top three positions for the seasons now.


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