Hearthstone March Day One Meta Report

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A new month has arrived which means a new season and this season features the Hogger card back. Whether, you just want the new looking cardback as a reward or you want to grind the rank and see how far you get, this article will let you have a peek at what is popular on the ladder right now.

This just a meta report on the first day of the NA ladder season and I will be doing weekly ones after this.

I managed to get in a total of 42 games of ladder on the first day, I am currently playing so Aggro Shaman as I am trying to get my 7th golden hero (422/500).

North American Server
Ranks: 15-8

Class Number of Games Percent of Ladder
Mage 9 21.43%
Shaman 7 16.67%
Warlock 7 16.67%
Druid 4 9.52%
Hunter 4 9.52%
Priest 3 7.14%
Rogue 3 7.14%
Warrior 3 7.14%
Paladin 2 4.76%


Mage was the most popular class on the ladder the first day of the season. It featured 7/9 Tempo Mage decks which is usually a very popular ladder deck especially at the start of the season with it being a strong deck and relatively fast. The other two mage decks was a Reno Mage and a Mech Mage.

Shaman, another very popular deck to start the season off with as it has insanely fast games, I was getting games that lasted 3-5 minutes for the most part. All of the Shamans I met were Aggro Shamans except for one midrange variant.

Tied with Shaman comes Warlock, this one is an interesting one to look at to see if Zoo or Reno variants were more popular. Players either chose a relatively fast deck to climb or a slower deck to counter all the aggressive decks on ladder. It turns out when I checked back on the games, Reno Lock made an appearance 5/7 times as opposed to the two times Zoo came up. With so many Tempo Mages, this would seem like the deck to queue.

In terms of Druids on ladder, they were all midrange variants, except for one Aggro Druid. I expected a lot more Druids to be on the ladder, however, it does make sense with all the Tempo Mage decks out there climbing.

Hunter so far has the most variance in the decks that I’ve seen. With only four Hunter encounters, I met two Face Hunters, one Injured Camel deck and one and whacky midrange deck with Refreshment Vendors in it.

Priests on the ladder were typically Control Priests with one being a Dragon Priest. Dragon Priest has fallen out of favour for a while now, with the control variant being a lot more consistent and not as dependent on its draws. This is another anti-meta deck that people look to play at the start of the season.

Rogue also showed a lot of different styles on the first day, each encounter being a different deck. I was met with an Oil Rogue, Malygod Rogue and a Raptor Rogue.

Warriors were mainly Patron Warriors with one being a Control Warrior. These decks are typically out there looking for aggresive decks to bully, or in the case of Control Warrior to fatigue out mentally and in the game.

Surprisingly, the least popular deck that I encountered was Paladin, which is typically Secret Paladin. Out of the two I met, there was only one Secret Paladin, the other deck being Shockadin. I guess people are tired of playing Paladin, or they forgot Avenge hasn’t been shifted out yet because Standard hasn’t arrived.

Stay tuned for more meta reports on a weekly basis! Good luck to those who are laddering.

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