Interview with the Leader of Clash Royale’s #1 Clan

Clash Royale players by now are probably very familiar with the names of the game’s top clans.  Just like in Clash Royale and other games with clan/guild rankings, players keep progressing in the game with the goal of meeting the minimum requirements to join a top clan, or perhaps even to create and lead a top clan themselves.  For quite some time now, the game has been dominated by 2 clans: HKEsport, and H.2.0.  This past weekend, MoEsport had the opportunity to chat with the Leader of H.2.0: Azure.

There's still quite a gap between my clan InTheLight and the top 2... but we're coming for you!!

There’s still quite a gap between my clan InTheLight and the top 2… but we’re coming for you!!

MoEsport: Do you play a lot of mobile/PC/console games?  

Azure: I used to be a PC gamer. Not really into console games though. I’m relative new to mobile app games compared to other veteran gamers in Clash Royale. I have only started playing app games early last year.

MoEsport: That’s quite recent!  Ok let’s talk about PC games first before diving into mobile.  Are you more of a League of Legends player, or World of Warcraft?

Azure: Well believe it or not, I have never played LoL or WoW.  I have many friends are really addicted to those games, but I just couldn’t sit there for hours just to finish one match!

MoEsport: That goes for me as well.  I like the short sessions in mobile games, and the 3 minute match format in Clash Royale was one of the things that initially drew me into the game.  So what mobile games were you playing before Clash Royale?  Were you a Clash of Clans player like many other early adopters?

Azure: Clash Royale is actually my first Supercell game! Before that I was playing a game called Rival Kingdoms, developed by Space Ape.  What’s interesting about this company and its game is that they hired the probably the most well-known CoC player as a live operation manager for them, and I bet you already figured out who he is.

MoEsport: Yes Jorge Yao is well known in the mobile gaming scene haha. I think he was playing Clash Royale in the beginning but dropped off after just a few weeks.  Did you know him?

Azure: No,I don’t know him personally, but some of my friends do.

MoEsport:  OK back to Clash Royale then.  Obviously you got started into this game quite early. How did you come around to form H.2.0? Are some of the original members still around today?

Azure: I took some of my friends I met from Rival Kingdoms to join me, and that’s how I started H.2.O. it’s been fortunate that a lot of them are still in this game with me, they love this game.

Before I join this game, I have never had a team of my own. Some of my CoC friends told me how fun the clan war was in CoC, so I kind of expected that to happen in Clash Royale as well.  I set up my initial goal as creating a clan of my own, push the clan to the top and being competitive in clan wars. It’s just a general idea how I want to run this game. I know I need some pushers that I can rely on to grow with me, which are friends I met in the previous game.  They are the backbone of my clan from the very beginning.

MoEsport: Definitely important to have started with a strong foundation.  So after starting the clan, how did you manage to convince so many of the top players in the game to come on board?  Do you actively recruit members for your clan?

Azure: Well, first of all, I need to grow my own players, those who joined me from the very beginning. I set a weekly goal for my clan mates when we first started, and I move out players that couldn’t make the cut every week. We keep a high standard when it comes to recruiting. When players check our clan profile, they will know right away if they have a chance getting into my clan or not. It’s like building up a momentum, you need to be fully committed to what you are doing.  It can be tough sometimes because you have to move out players that you know well if they can’t keep up the pace with the rest.

I don’t do much recruits outside the game but I did realize that we have a large population of Chinese players in this game, so I added my WeChat information (Chinese version of WhatsApp) to attract Chinese players and it helped my clan tremendously, recruitment wise.

MoEsport: It definitely seems like there’s a diverse group of players from all over the world in the clan. Is communication ever a problem, with different time zones, languages, chat apps, and so forth?

Azure: Well, communication can be a problem sometimes but as a gamer, you don’t need to talk, you get to know each other by friendly battles!

MoEsport: And CR is great for this obviously with its friendly battle modes. Do you guys have tournaments within your clan? Also I noticed that some of your clan members went off to participate in other tournaments as well?

Azure: So far, we haven’t organized any in clan tournament yet, but definitely that’s something I will work on in the future.  As you might have noticed, there has already been a tournament for Chinese players that is being broadcasted online.

MoEsport:  Yes I have noticed that, and the game wasn’t even officially released in China yet! We’ll be looking to organize our own sponsored tournaments in the future too, so will definitely want you guys to be involved!

Azure: Anytime, just let me know. I will send over our best guys

MoEsport: it seems like you guys and HKEsports are constantly fighting for the top clan spot. Is this something you guys discuss a lot within the clan? Do clan members share strategies with each other on how to defeat Derek and other top players?

Not really (lol).  I think that’s one key area Supercell needs to work on in this game. The competition still remains at an individual level, there’s not much to do for a clan as a whole, that team work element is missing.

Derek is a fantastic player, he’s earned a lot of respect from my guys. But in this game, strategy is not something that you can learn just from seeing what deck your opponents use and create a counter-deck to that.  To be a top player, you need to play a lot and experiment a lot, get to know each card well and play fair, I think that’s what this game meant to be for a lot of us.

MoEsport: This leads well to my next question: Clash Royale is all about head to head competition, and the leaderboards reflect that with the awarding of Legendary trophies after each season. But games like CoC and Rival Kingdoms were more about clan rankings, and the player’s contribution to their clan. If you were to suggest a change to improve on the current Clan system in Clash Royale, what would it be?

Azure: I think you have summarized everything I want to suggest to Supercell!  I think clan wide activities/features is the main area they need to improve on.  Clash Royale is a very entertaining real time strategy game but it does constraint itself in the realm of individual vs individual.  Without getting the whole clan involved it loses the key ingredient of what makes mobile game such a mainstream game genre: social networking. The social aspect is what separates monile games from PC/console games and why I enjoy mobile games more now.

MoEsport: I remember seeing suggestions of having team-based competitions in the future, perhaps that would be interesting to explore! On the note of competition, do you think this game has the potential to be a major eSports game?

Azure: I believe that’s the direction Supercell is trying to steer this game towards to. A recognizable eSports game? Yes. A major eSports game? Can’t see it for now.

MoEsport: You’ve already gave a lot of great advice above, but any final advice you might have for others who are trying to build up their own clan in this game?

Azure: Making your own clan is pretty cool but don’t let it get in the way of your real life. What makes Clash Royale great is it is a fun game to play, so enjoy the game itself.



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