Impact of New Cards and Balance Changes from the ClashMeta Report

For the data and charts enthusiasts out there, one of the most interesting reads you can come across for Clash Royale can be found at ClashMeta.  Silverish from ClashMeta has come up with something called the ClashMeta Performance Index, which measures how much a player/deck is over-performing (having higher trophies than expected trophies) given the level of cards used in the deck (you can read all about the formula and explanation here).

While MoEsport’s weekly power rankings gives us a quick peak at the cards being used by top players, ClashMeta has a Card Popularity Chart which covers cards used in 160 randomly sampled decks in the 1500-3500 range, and identifies cards that are used in over-performing decks based on the aforementioned ClashMeta Performance Index.  The latest Card Popularity Chart was the first to include the 6 new cards, and we can clearly see from the data which ones are most being used:

Chart courtesy of

Chart courtesy of ClashMeta 

The follow observations from the chart were noted by ClashMeta:

  • Spear Goblins remains as the most popular card at 65%, however the Fireball (49%) overtook Hog as the 2nd most popular card, with Arrows (47%) staying at the 3rd place.
  • Tesla (35%) remains the most popular building, indicating the nerf and change in aggro mechanics doesn’t affect its popularity
  • The most popular new card is the Dark Prince (16%), while none of the deck we sampled uses Three Musketeers
  • Elixir Collector and Mirror remain as key cards the differentiate over-performing deck from others, however Golem has dropped out of favor
  • Among over-performing decks, Fireball becomes the most popular card
  • Dark Prince is also more popular among over-performing decks, showing some early promising signs

As someone who’s playing a “over-performing deck” (according to the index I should only have 2000 trophies!) I can relate to why Elixir Collector is so popular: if your opponents have stronger cards than you, the only way you can out-power them is by building up an elixir advantage over them by winning your exchanges and yes, collecting more elixir than your opponent.   As mentioned in my strategy against the Elixir Beatdown decks, Elixir Collector is quite possibly the most over-powered card in the game other than the two Legendary cards.  And speaking of the Legendary cards, I am sure they would be a lot higher on the index if players could just get a hold of them!

Be on the lookout for more interesting articles from ClashMeta in the future, and be sure to check out their website for more meta-game analysis for Clash Royale players

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