China’s eSports Elite Ready to Take Clash Royale by Storm

For those of you who pay attention to the clan rankings on Clash Royale, you may have noticed a new Chinese clan suddenly making its way into the Top 5.  This clan is not just simply any clan made up of rich kids in China… in fact, this clan is led by THE richest kid in China!

The leader of the clan S3phirex is Wang Sicong

The leader of the clan S3phirex is Wang Sicong

Wang Sicong may not be a name that is familiar to those outside for China, but he’s best known for being the son of Wang Jianlin, Chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group and China’s richest man.  He’s also the figurehead for the eSports movement in China, having owned eSports team Invictus Gaming since 2011 and invested in numerous eSports related businesses in China over the years.  Now it appears that he has his sight set on competing in Clash Royale.

Interestingly, Wang Sicong decided to name his clan 爱基俱乐部, which literally translates to “Love Gay Club” in English.  The clan description also translates to “I like to drop soap”.  Wang Sicong is infamous for being a playboy in China so the clan name and description is obviously a troll name, and it’d be interesting to see if Supercell picks up on this for being not very PC.  Of course, he is not alone in helping the clan make a push to the top of the rankings: several (presumably Chinese) veterans such as Zed and longisland07 have hopped over to this new clan, and rounding out the clan are some of the biggest names in eSports and gaming in China, and Sicong’s personally buddies (original source in Chinese):

  • sky –  Perhaps the most famous eSports player in China, eSports fans will know him as he was featured in Beyond the game
  • Misaya若风 – One of the best LoL players from China
  • 草莓 – Coach of Team WE, affectionately known as best looking guy in eSports
  • – CEO of Lilith Games, one of the most profitable mobile gaming companies in China 2 years ago
  • 国士无双 – Well known DOTA player in China
  • 刘杀鸡 – Host of PandaTV, an eSports streaming website in China also owned by Wang Sicong

With the arrival of some of the biggest names in PC eSports to Clash Royale, can we expect the competition to start heating up top?  Will this be the first major challenge to the dominance of Derek Cheung and HKEsports on the rankings leaderboard?  Things are about to get even more interesting up top!


  1. Nighter

    heard rumor said he spent 150kRMB just the first day

  2. Bruh

    These kids are a bunch of spoiled losers if they’re spending thousands on this game. 150k? You’re a r*****

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