Why ELO Hell Exists in Vainglory

Editor’s Note: ELO Hell definition as per nerfplz.com (minus the Feeders, Trolls, and Leavers):  Elo Hell is when you’re forced to play at a level where you KNOW you can win and exactly how to beat the other team, but you and your team are not skilled enough or lucky enough to do so, and lose.

What is ELO Hell?

ELO hell is a term used by so called “noobs” to describe the situation they are in. Now their situation is they simply cannot effectively climb the ranks because of bad teammates. Now if you go on any video about ELO hell they will tell you, “It’s your fault, you suck at the game. Get good kid.” But what if I told you that it wasn’t all your fault. What if I told you ELO hell actually existed?  That would be nonsense right? How could teammates hold you back in a TEAM GAME? Can’t you 1v3 all the time? Let me explain.

elo hell

Why ELO Hell exists

I can already hear the angry comments being typed, “ELO hell doesn’t exist and there’s no such thing! *insert more anger here*.” I used to be the same way, I used to make excuses for my teammates and would blame myself even if it wasn’t my fault. That actually hurt my gameplay. I started playing worse because in my mind I was losing everything because it was MY fault. I’m sure some of you do it to yourselves as well. But, what if I told you it wasn’t your fault 24/7? People say, “ELO hell is in your mind!” I’m pretty sure that SAW support who went 0-12-2 isn’t in my mind. It’s clearly on my screen, and yes its happened before multiple times. Moba’s give players a lot of control since it is a team game. You never hear of ELO hell in Call of Duty or Starcraft. Why? Because it’s based on your own individual skill. In Moba’s you MUST depend on teammates to win games. Sure, you can carry a game here and there but, not most of your games. ELO hell currently exists because of a few things. I’ll list them.

1) People get carried by friends in an organized party.

This puts a sub par player in higher ranks where they don’t deserve to be, which then messes up the ELO pool and will make those high ELO players suffer by a substantial amount bringing down their ELO in the process. I’m talking about that person who will win most of his games with a party then thinking he is a good player will venture off into solo queue and will be in for a rude awakening. Then he will blame it on ELO hell if he lost. No, YOU my friend are causing ELO hell for the rest of us.

2) The Matchmaking System

Yes a bit of luck is involved in getting the right teammates sometimes. And don’t get me wrong luck is probably 1% of the reason your getting held back. The ELO pool is always changing which means new players are always getting to new ELO’s whether it would mean for better or worse. A lot of times, it isn’t your fault. Believe it or not your probably not as bad as you think you are. Like I said if a koshka wants to give the enemies 7 kills right off the bat most likely you will loose that match due to the enemy teams massive snowball. Now you won’t get horrific teammates 24/7, you will also get good teammates who are like-minded. But these matches tilt players more then anything else because it is out of your control! Which is another reason ELO hell does exist.

3) No Control

You have no control over the decisions of your teammates. If they want to spam ping you and sit in base they can do that. Sure they will get banned but you lost ELO from that match already so who cares? You simply can only sit there and try your best on a 2v3 or even worst case 1v3. And probably still loose. Dumb people have way too much control in MOBAs.

So yes, ELO hell does exist. It happens to everyone and you can get out of it. Just grind enough and improve your gameplay, it’s going to be quite the adventure but you will make it if you want to. It is a team game and if teammates do bad that effects you in return. Hope you had a good read and took something from this! Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^

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