Clash Royale eSports Invitational Tournament Underway in China

It’s no secret that Clash Royale has taken the China gaming world by storm.  Within just 2 weeks of the game’s global launch, China has produced some of the game’s top players (payers), and attracted China’s richest son and his elite eSports clique to the game.  Preempting that Clash Royale will become a huge eSports hit, a group in China has already put together invitational tournaments for some of the top players in the country, and are taking place as we speak.  This past weekend, an offline tournament was held in Shanghai; you can catch the replay of the tournament here (in Chinese).

X-Bows, fun to watch when you're not on the receiving end

X-Bows, fun to watch when you’re not on the receiving end

Regardless of what you thoughts are about Clash Royale’s viability as an eSports game, there’s no denying that there’s something appealing about watching 2 players playing live, and the production value of the event is nothing to scoff at.  What’s interesting as well is that the tournament is already applying some “eSports rules” that are not set in place by Supercell, such as having players submit 3 decks prior to the beginning of the matches, and allowing players to ban one card from being used.  And while you will not understand the commentary unless you know Chinese, those who are familiar with commentary from other eSports games will appreciate the play-by-play and live insights to go along with just watching the cards being played.

CR ChineseSupercell has obviously embraced this movement, and have even promoted the live broadcast on the tournament within the Chinese version of the game (thanks goes out to Azure from H.2.0 for the tip).

Is this a sign for the things to come for Clash Royale?  Given the momentum of the game since its global launch, we can only expect more live broadcast tournaments in the future in Chin and across the world.  We at MoEsport are also working towards tournament organization in the coming months, so make sure to stay tuned to our site and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates!

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