Chest Tracker for Clash Royale Tells You What Chests You Will Be Getting Next

Most players probably have heard by now that the “random” chest drops you receive in Clash Royale are actually based on a preset cycle which resets after every 240 chests.  Some data miners were able to find out the exact order of these chest drops, and now indie developer TouchMint has taken it one step further by launching an app which helps you track what chest you will be getting next!

screen322x572As the app is not directly linked to the game, you will have to first do some manual work in determining where in the cycle you currently are before this app can be useful.  According to TouchMint’s comment on TouchArcade, players should first have an idea when the last time they got a magical or giant chest, and which one it was since you only have 3 in the rotation.  After following about 5-10 chests players should be able to match up the order to the list and figure out where they are at in the cycle.

What’s more interesting to note from this is that Super Magical Chests are not part of the rotation, and are truly random with a 1/1000 chance of dropping anytime.  I suspect there is something more behind how the drop rates are set for Super Magical Chests as new players conveniently seem to be getting more of them, but maybe I’m just bitter because I’ve yet to land myself one yet while some other clan members have already had two!

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