Lava Hound and Gold for Winning Coming to Clash Royale?

Reddit user spAnser is well known in the Reddit community and beyond for his accurate leaks on games.  His leak on the first batch of new Clash Royale cards and Arenas were almost spot on, so you would only expect that his latest leak on several new Clash Royale cards will be accurate as well.  So far, this is the information that he has shared:

Name Unlocked Rarity Cost Count Deploy Time HP Shield HP Range Damage Attack Speed Spawns on Death
Lava Hound P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse Legendary 8 1 1 s 3000 3.5 Tiles 0 1.3s 8 Lava Pups
Lava Pup 100 1.5 Tiles 0 1.3s
Skeleton Warriors Royal Arena Rare 3 3 1 s 40 200 1.4 Tiles 50 1.2s


From the looks of it, it looks like another Clash of Clans favorite will be making its way to the Royal Arena!  If the information is correct, the Lava Hound will become the first Legendary that is accessible to new players, and will make Super Magical Chests a little more worth getting at an early stage of the game.  The Lava Hound will be an interesting alternative to Golem as it has roughly the same amount of HP, and will spawn 8 Lava Pups upon its death.  It’ll be interesting to see if Lava Hounds will be just like a flying Golem like in CoC – which in Clash Royale would translate to a flying building/tower attacker!  Given the lack of heavy damage against air units now, the Lava Hound will instantly become an overpowering unit if it is a flyer, and will probably force players to start playing Inferno Towers along with Minion Hordes again.

Skeleton Warriors will become the second unit to have a shield, making it another strong unit against Prince.  Aside from Prince defense though, I’m not sure whether the shield will make Skeleton Warriors worth playing at they are still very fragile beyond that and don’t deal very heavy damage.  Unless there is more to the card than what’s been revealed, I don’t suspect the card will be very popular with top players.

The second major reveal is that players will receive gold for winning matches in the following denominations:

Arena Amount
Training Camp 5
Goblin Stadium 5
Bone Pit 7
Barbarian Bowl 9
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 11
Spell Valley 12
Builder’s Workshop 14
Royal Arena 15
Legendary Arena 20


This is great news, as it’ll finally allow players to “grind” and actually have a reason to play when chest slots are full.  I can imagine that free-to-play players will be spending a lot more time playing the game once this is implemented.

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