Impact of Clash Royale’s March 23 Patch – The New Girls In Town

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The new patch has arrived, which has led to some major changes in Clash Royale’s meta game. We analyzed1000 decks from the Top Clans and has summarized our findings. We see a huge increase in Three Musketeer and Valkyrie usage rate over night, while use of X-bow, Cannon, and Tesla took a big hit.

Tanks are getting more popular while Dual Push deck decreased – however, overall there are more decks with both Dual Push and Tanks – this means Dual Push decks are getting more similar among themselves.

As a summary, here’s the findings from 1000 decks from the Top Clans:

  • Arrow and Elixir collector continues to be the most popular cards
  • Princess is now the 3rd most popular card on our list
  • Three Musketeers and Valkayrie both have a 11% usage rate, up from 2% in the previous week
  • Royal Giant, even with the buff, is still unpopular, only used in 1% of the decks
  • Siege decks, which have 2 or more long range cards, decreased from 17% of decks to 12% of decks
  • Defensive decks, which have 2 or more defensive buildings, also decrased from 14% to 8%
  • There are 42% of decks having at least 1 tanks unit, up from 33% in the last week
  • One specific deck type, Elixir Collector + X-Bow, dropped sharply from 11% to 3%

Card Usage Rate

Card Popularity Mar 23
Card Popularity Mar 23

In terms of cards that sees an change in usage, there are two types: those that sees a steady increase/decrease in usage rate over the past week, and those that sees a sudden jump/drop right after the patch.

Cards that see a steady rise in popularity are:

  • Princess
  • Ice Wizard
  • Freeze
  • Skeletons

Cards that see a steady fall in popularity are:

  • Rocket
  • Barbarians
  • Baby Dragon
  • Wizard
  • Musketeer

Immediate Impact of Patch

Impact of Patch in Card Usage
Impact of Patch in Card Usage

In order to see which cards see an immediate impact in usage rate, we compared the change in usage rate between Mar 23 and a 3-day average from Mar 20-Mar 22.

Using this method, it clearly shows that Three Musketeers, Valkyrie and Rage has a large jump in usage rate, while X-Bow, Cannon and Tesla all took at big hit.

Deck Types

Deck Types March 23
Deck Types March 23

As compared to the previous week, certain components that leads to particular deck types, as defined in our previous post, has changed quite significantly.

The nerfs done to Tesla and Cannon led to a large decrease in defensive decks. The nerf to X-bow also led to large decrease in Siege decks. We also see a decrease in Dual Push decks, which is likely caused by the nerf to Prince and Dark Prince.

Due to the increase usage of PEKKA and Giants, the number of decks that have a tank increased, and this also lead to more Dual Push with Tank decks – and this happens given the total number of Dual Push decks decreased. There are also fewer Dual Push + Freeze deck as well, which means there are more convergence of dual push deck to bring in a tank.

The New Girls in Town

So what is rising? I think the new girl(s) in town is Three Musketeers. Here’s some quick observation of what a Three Musketeer deck looks like:

  • 87% of decks with a Three Musketeer uses Elixir Collector as well – not surprising given the elixir cost of Three Musketeer
  • 39% have a Giant and 35% has a PEKKA – You need a tank to cover the musketeers
  • 43% have a Princess and 40% have a Spear Goblins – some cheap anti-air units
  • Huts are rarely used together with Three Musketeer
  • X-Bow, Rocket, Balloon, Bomb Tower, Mortar and Hog are also rarely paired with Three Musketeer

Let’s see when the new meta will stabilize. So far I am quite happy that I see less X-bow decks.


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