Femme Fatale Tournament Now Live! Co-Founder Sphix Shares Her Thoughts with MoEsport

Sphix is a name that should be familiar with most in the competitive Vainglory community.  One of the founding members for Gankstars, she is now putting her energy and efforts in organizing Vainglory tournaments, namely the female-only Femme Fatale tournament.  MoEsport’s very own Chiyeuk (and acclaimed manager of the top ranked UBC League of Legends team!) had a chance to chat with Sphix this past week.  Below are excerpts from the interview:

On how Sphix got involved in Vainglory

I have been playing Vainglory since late 2014, almost when the game was first launched.  I was not a MOBA player before but had been playing video games since as long as I can remember.  Specifically for mobile games, I started playing them over 4 years ago, and had been hooked on Galaxy Empire for over 3 years. Galaxy Empire was a strategy war game, and also had quite a bit of a social aspect to it.  I think as a female that attracts me to games, not only do I like to compete but also like to socialize and get to know other players.  Vainglory being a team-based game makes socializing even easier.  Vainglory caught my attention as unlike many other games prior to it, Vainglory looks and feels so smooth when you play it.

On the Femme Fatale Tournament 

Femme Fatale is a tournament that provides space for girls to compete confidently against other teams.  It started from a community on Line where I met Sorana.  We wanted to focus on building a community that allows for girls to compete against each other in a comfortable environment.  Having the draft mode being implemented recently in Vainglory was perfect timing for us.  Before when there wasn’t an in-game draft mode, competitors were confused about how to follow tournament formats.

Sorana is responsible for getting the tournament site up and keeping track of teams.  I’m responsible for the promotions, player relations, sponsors, and networking/recruitment.

Female community and tournaments can be found in most major eSports games, but often are not well promoted. Vainglory has embraced this, why do you think that is?

We have to give our compliments to the developers (Super Evil Megacorp) for this.  They have been very supportive and taken care of everyone at live events.  Lady Wabeesh was the one who initially approached the developers for support for the tournament.  In general, we see that smaller developers with indie roots are the ones that will care more about community.

Participating team sports can be intimidating, especially one that is as competitive as Vainglory.  What advice do you have for aspiring players who want to get involved with teams? 

It always helps to first get better as a player, and to do so you’ll first need to practice, and learn from mistakes.  If you want to play competitively, then you should just go for it, and do things like participate in Femme Fatale for example!  It’s always helpful to watch other competitive streamers play.

How do you prepare yourself before playing a competitive match?

I personally love to play with people that I am comfortable with.  I can learn from my guild mates, and at the same time have fun.  The focus then is on learning and growing, rather than just winning.

How much time do you put in playing Vainglory?

I have not had much time to play lately because of the preparation for Femme Fatale.  Before I used to stay up until 5 am to play the mini mode games that Vainglory used to have.  Usually my time spent on the game can range from a couple hours a week to couple hours a night.  I usually play support.

There have previous been some controversy in the competitive scene for League of Legends with LGBT, as a tournament first capped the number of gay/transgender participants, then later removing that altogether.  What are your general thoughts on issues such as this? 

My first reaction when I hear about this issue is “Wow”.  Having such restrictions takes integrity away from the whole game. I don’t believe tournaments should have any discrimination. Everyone can do the same thing, but it’s how well they perform that matters.  Female can play as well as males, but may simply have other priorities when playing, like preferring socializing aspects over competitive play.


Be sure to catch the semi-finals and finals of the Femme Fatale tournament on Mobcrush on March 26th and March 27th!

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