Results from Clash Royale’s 4th Legendary Arena Season

Clash Royale’s 4th Official Legendary Season wrapped up this past Sunday.  While Derek Cheung’s two accounts were still able to secure the #1 and #2 spots, the gap from the rest of the top players is start to close, with 3rd place 翡冷翠 (Fei Lengcui) only 5 trophies lower than Derek’s smurf Account.  Here are the rankings for the Top 10:

Rank Player Trophies
1 鍾培生 4543
2 鍾培生的小號 4519
3 翡冷翠 4514
4 Anthony 4482
5 小胖校长 4455
6 Cynesta 4438
7 도타 4428
8 GM 4418
9 Light Wing 4417
10 李世民 4400


Also worth noting that the only non-Asian Top 10 this season is InTheLight’s leader Light Wing!  Light Wing flew under the radar (pun intended) with a late season push that not only put him in the Top 10, but also putting his clan InTheLight into the #1 spot in the clan rankings.  The competition is now more heated than ever up top!

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