Gankstars form Vainglory team in EU

Gankstars are one of the oldest and most successful Vainglory teams in North America, and MoEsport had a chance to speak with one of its co-founders Sphix last week.  Today, it was officially announced that Gankstars will be going international with the formation of a EU team consistent of some of the best players in the continent.  The new team, called Cerebus, will consist of the following members:

  • Lane: TetnoJJ
  • Jungle: L3on
  • Roam: Emirking
  • Substitute: AeOn

The new additions have the following to say about being a part of the Gankstar family (original source from Broken Myth):

“I am really excited for this new opportunity and was very grateful when GS approached our team. I am certain that it will be a lot of fun to be a part of this self-building organization.” — TetnoJJ

“I’m stoked to start with my new team and train with GankStars. I want to see what we can cook up if we combine NA & EU metas.” — L3oN

“I think we have great potential in competitive Vainglory together. I have been a big GankStars fan from the beginning as well so I am pleased to represent, and I hope we can perform well.” — Emirking

It will be great to hopefully establish another household name in EU, given that we do a little work on synergy and drafting.” — AeOn

It’ll be interesting to see how quickly this new team gels, and how well they will do against established teams like SK and Team Secret.

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