Full Deck List from the HCT APAC Winter Championship

The HCT Asia-Pacifc Championship took place this past weekend, with Korean player DDaHyoNi winning the tournament’s $25,000 cash prize and an invitation to the Blizzcon Championships.  While there was no surprise that Druids decks remain the most popular and were used by all 8 competitors, DDaHyoNi notably opted to use Raven Idol in his deck instead of Shade of Naxxramas, which is a staple in most competitive Druid decks.  And while Warrior decks were also popular, DDaHyoNi once again opted for something different by using Deathwing!  Below is a breakdown of the class distribution from all decks:

Druid: 8
Hunter: 0
Mage: 5
Paladin: 3
Priest: 0
Rogue: 1
Shaman: 1
Warlock: 7
Warrior: 7

A complete list of all 32 decks have been compiled by GosuGamers here.  It will be interesting to see how this balance shifts once Standard Mode comes into play in just a few weeks.

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