How to Best Spend Your Gems in Clash Royale

Perhaps the number one question on each Clash Royale player’s mind is “how do I best spend my gems in the game?”.  We decided to tackle this questions as scientifically as possible, and came up with a MoEsport Gold Value (MGV) for each type of chest at each level.  The MGV works as follows:

  • Common, Rare, and Epic cards are given a “gold coin” value based on their purchase cost in the daily stores.  These values increase slightly with the number of cards you are able to draw from a chest, as there is greater value for a player to be able to have multiples of the same card for upgrading
  • We then multiple these values to the number of cards a player would get from each chest at each level
  • For card rarities that are not guaranteed, we estimate the probability of landing such a card in each chest (ie. a Rare in a Silver Chest, an Epic in a Golden Chest) and assign a value based on the probability.  Odds for Legendaries were totally excluded as it is a very rare occurrence, and would throw the balance of the calculations off.
  • For each chest type, we then add up the max number of coins that can be received from that chest and the combined coin value for each of the cards to get its MGV.

The below table outlines the MGVs for every chest in the game at every level, and compares them with the Gold Value for buying/unlocking them (Gold Value = 20 Gold/Gem for easier calculation):

Chest Arena Cost to Buy (Gold Value) Cost to Unlock (Gold Value) MoEsport Gold Value
Silver Chest Goblin Stadium N/A 360 45
Bone Pit N/A 360 62
Barbarian Bowl N/A 360 75
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse N/A 360 86
Spell Valley N/A 360 98
Builder’s Workshop N/A 360 109
Royal Arena N/A 360 117
Legendary Arena N/A 360 151
Golden Chest Goblin Stadium N/A 960 169
Bone Pit N/A 960 213
Barbarian Bowl N/A 960 258
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse N/A 960 358
Spell Valley N/A 960 397
Builder’s Workshop N/A 960 426
Royal Arena N/A 960 480
Legendary Arena N/A 960 633
Giant Chest Goblin Stadium 4200 1440 1850
Bone Pit 5000 1440 2758
Barbarian Bowl 6000 1440 3754
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 6400 1440 4486
Spell Valley 7000 1440 5119
Builder’s Workshop 7600 1440 7013
Royal Arena 8200 1440 7919
Legendary Arena 9800 1440 10346
Magical Chest Goblin Stadium 6400 1440 3422
Bone Pit 8000 1440 4309
Barbarian Bowl 9400 1440 5969
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 10000 1440 7676
Spell Valley 12000 1440 8597
Builder’s Workshop 12000 1440 9708
Royal Arena 14000 1440 10715
Legendary Arena 16000 1440 17920
Super Magical Chest Goblin Stadium 32000 2880 29106
Bone Pit 42000 2880 39019
Barbarian Bowl 50000 2880 48747
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 56000 2880 57638
Spell Valley 62000 2880 63744
Builder’s Workshop 68000 2880 72635
Royal Arena 74000 2880 81526
Legendary Arena 92000 2880 104514


While the MGV is far from being a perfect indicator of the value of cards you can get with each chest as there are a lot of estimates and assumptions made as part of the formula, it does give us a better idea on how to best spend our gems.  Essentially, if the MGV is lower than the Gold Value to buy or unlock a chest, you are probably better off buying 1-2 cards with gold at the Daily Shop.  With this in mind, the conclusion for how to best spend gems in the game are as follows:

  • Because Epics are so much more expensive, you get the best value from buying Super Magical Chests in the game, especially after Spell Valley (Arena 5).
  • Anytime a player gets a Giant Chest, Magical Chest, or Super Magical Chest from battles, it is always worth it to just open it immediately, unless you’re really short on gems.
  • Conversely, the low MGV for Gold and Silver Chests suggests that it’s never worthwhile to open these chests immediately.  However, the MGV does not take into consideration the chest rotation factor (all players eventually getting Giant and Magical Chests), so there may be extra value to opening these chests just to free up a Chest space.

Based on the above, the following are our recommendations for players of different spending types:

  • F2P Players: Just convert your gems to coins and buy your cards from the daily shop.  If you get a Giant/Magical/Super Magical and have enough gems to unlock them, then go for it, but just keep in mind that you don’t have the luxury of spending too many gems and you will eventually be short in gold for upgrading as well.
  • Players spending up to $100: You probably have the luxury of buying 1-2 Super Magical Chests, just be sure to not buy them until you are at least at Arena 5.  You should keep the rest of your gems for unlocking Giant/Magical/Super Magical chests when you win them, and buying cards with gold regularly.  If you are looking to push up the ranks with no Epics, then Giant Chests may be a better option for you; but just keep in mind that eventually you will hit a roadblock in the game by just playing high level Commons and Rares.
  • Players spending up to $1000: Get to Arena 5+ and spend half your money on Super Magical Chests, preferably Arena 7 so you have a chance to get some Princesses.  Keep the rest of your gems for unlocking Giant/Magical/Super Magical chests when you win them, and buying cards with gold regularly.  You’ll also need plenty of gold for upgrading your cards, so make sure you have enough gems for that.
  • Players spending up to $10000: Buy yourself a car.  What the hell are you thinking spending $10k on Clash Royale???

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