Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods and New Standard Mode Coming on April 26th?

Blizzard has yet to officially announce when the new expansion Whispers of the Old Gods will be releasing, but a few savvy players of the game were recently able to discover a hint on when that date will be.  As of now, if players try to purchase the Curse Of Naxxramas Adventure on Battle.net, they will receive a disclaimer warning that as of April 26, cards from that particular set will only be available in Wild format (in other words, not useable for the new Standard mode), and the pack as a whole will not be available for purchase after that date.

hearthstone disclaimer

MoEsport has been keeping an close eye on the new Whispers of the Old Gods cards that are currently being revealed, and we’ll be sure to round up the impact of the new cards to the new Standard Mode once they have all been revealed.  So if you haven’t already, start saving up your gold for the new packs coming in a few weeks!

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