4 things to look out for before the end of Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season #5

We are just less than 2 days away from the end of another Legendary Arena Season!  Granted, it’s not exactly as exciting as say the end of the NBA season as each Clash Royale season is only 2 weeks long, but there are some interesting stories to follow as this particular season comes towards a close:

1) Will Derek Cheung be able to secure the #1 spot?
Derek Cheung 鍾培生 of HKEsports have dominated the #1 spot since the Legendary Arena Seasons have been introduced, but with less than 2 days left, Derek currently sits in the #2 spot, 8 trophies behind former HKEsports member 梵武神 (Fan Wushen) of Yota Phone III.  Cynesta and 长孙CC are also within 1 win away from claiming the top spot themselves.  Will Derek be able to retake the #1 spot, or will we have a new #1 come the end of the season?

2) Will H.2.0 hold on to the #1 clan spot? 
The #1 clan spot has been a back-and-forth battle between H.2.0 and InTheLight* for the past weeks, and is worth keeping an eye on as all clan members from both clans will be reset to 3000 trophies come Sunday.  H.2.0 and InTheLight have respectively become the first 2 clans to reach 40,000 trophies, and boast some of the best players in the clan.  MoEsport will be keeping a close eye to see which of these 2 clans will have the top spot before the season resets.

3) Will we have a non-Asian player in the Top 10? 
Last season, InTheLight’s Light Wing was the only non-Asian player in the Top 10.  With 2 days left, the Top 10 is once again dominated by players from Asia, with xSCWx and Light Wing currently sitting at #14 and #15.  Will the two players be able to make a push into the Top 10 before this season ends?

4) How many players will reach Legendary Arena status this season?
This season is perhaps the first season where many free-to-play players from the game’s soft launch have finally reached card/tower levels that would allow them to reach Legendary Arena.  Just within my own clan family, I have seen at least a good 30-40 players who have reached over 3000 trophies for the first time within these past 12 days.  There were approximately 5000+ players who finished last season with a Legendary Arena rank; I suspect that there’ll be much more this season.

*Disclaimer: Wagonut (IGN: Wago) is part of the InTheLight family as Co-Leader of InTheNorth

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