Clash Royale Revamps Tournament Rules and Increases Crown Chest Rewards

It looks like Clash Royale is starting to take its tournament format seriously.  For the first time, the Clash Royale team shared with players some insights regarding their approach in deciding on the current tournament level caps (original post here).  The team’s initial approach was to start with Legendary Card level 1 as the lowest denominator and working upwards from there, taking into account the relative power levels of each card rarity.  It appears now that the team has collected enough data from friendly matches to concluded that they had “undershot the comparative strength of the Legendary Cards by a little bit”.  As a result, the Tournament Rules level caps of Epics, Rares and Commons will all be increased to being a better overall balance to Tournament Rules gameplay.  The new caps are as follows:

  • King Tower cap: 9
  • Common level cap: 9
  • Rare level cap: 6
  • Epic level cap: 4

Aside from this essentially be a “nerf” for Princess and Ice Wizard in friendly/tournament formats, another implication is that it will take players even longer to upgrade their tower and cards in order to reach the higher cap levels and compete on par with other players.  Realizing this, the Clash Royale team have also announced two “incentives” for players to continue their quest for levelling up:

  • Crown Chest rewards will be doubled
  • A revamped card donation and request system so that it improves as you reach higher Arenas. For example, in the Royal Arena you’ll be able to request 30 Common Cards or 3 Rare Cards at a time.

Personally I feel this is a great move by Supercell to incentivize free-to-play players to keep grinding everyday, instead of feeling hopeless and giving up on the game upon realizing that they will never be able to compete on par with top players under any format.  And as a fringe Legendary Arena player, I am more than thrilled that I can finally make more card requests a day, and have more incentive to grind for my Crown Chests instead of fearing for the lost of my trophies.  Now if only there are ways to earn more gold coins to pay for those expensive upgrades… (perhaps like the rumored Gold for Winning?)



  1. Pekka

    when would this happen?
    I hope very soon, this will benifit me in my clan tournament a lot.

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