Top Players and Clans from Clash Royale Legendary Season #5

The 5th Clash Royale Legendary Arena season was the most exciting yet, with the battle for the #1 position coming down to the last minutes of the season.  In the end, 长孙CC (Zhangsun CC) of 大唐天子 (Datang Tianzi, or Tang Emperor) was able pulled off one final victory to secure the top spot from reigning leader Derek Cheung 鍾培生.  Relative newcomer BabyStar of InTheLight went on a late surge, coming in at a close 3rd place and even defeating Derek in the process.  Chief Pat made a valiant push during the last day, and finished at the #8 spot, the highest for a non-Asia player this season.  In total, there were over 18,000 players who finished the season in Legendary Arena, a number so large that it probably caught Supercell off guard, and many player’s trophies were not reseted properly upon the start of the season.

Often overlooked are the Clan rankings, which as a result of the resetting of player trophies 3000 are also essentially reseted at the start of the season.  To keep track of the top clans in Clash Royale, MoEsport will begin implementing a points system which awards points to the Top 20 clans based on their rankings during the last minute of the season.  We will accumulate the total points for each clan through each quarter (from 6-7 seasons), and pronounce a definitely Top Clan ranking at the end of each quarter.  The current rankings can be found on the sidebar of the website.

This season’s battle for the top clan spot also came down to the wire, with H.2.0 and InTheLight switching places at the top spot until the very final minute, when H.2.0 secured the #1 spot right before the trophies reset.  The Top 10 clan rankings were interesting in that 6 of the 10 clan hail from China, with 2 others (H.2.0 and HKEsports) consisting of mostly players from China and Hong Kong.  And the 2 remaining clans?  InTheLight and its sister clan InTheSky.  InTheLight’s efforts in recruiting top players have been so successful that much of the talent has spilled over to “B-Team” InTheSky.

The battle of the top is now more competitive than ever, and it will be interesting to see whether the current top players will be able to sustain their success come next season and beyond.

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