Clash Royale on pace to make 1 billion dollars this year

Here’s some news that surprises no one: Clash Royale is raking in a lot of money.  Followers of the game have probably heard by now that it takes approximately USD$12,000 to reach the max level (Level 12) in the game.  Given the surge in the number of high level players since the game’s global launch, it should come as no surprise then that the game has made more than $80 million dollars on both iOS and Android, according to mobile market research firm Newzoo.  Adding on the 30% cut that Apple and Google take from their respective platforms, the total revenue pre-platform (ie. the total money spent on the game by players) is actually more than USD$110 million dollars.  At this rate, the game is on pace to make 1 billion dollars *Dr. Evil voice* before the end of this year!

According to the report, over 50% of the revenue comes from the US and China, which again is not a surprise seeing that most of the top players (payers) come from the 2 Superpower countries.  Despite being part of the “Clash” franchise with many players coming from Clash of Clans, Clash Royale has not cannibalize much of Clash of Clans’ revenue, with the latter still a top grossing game across the world.  Along with the still-success Boom Beach and Hay Day, Supercell has themselves a healthy portfolio of games that are essentially printing money for them.

Free-to-play and competitive players may continue to criticize Clash Royale for being pay-to-win, but I do think that Supercell is attempting to build and run a mobile game that is accessible to everyone, and their upcoming implementation of tournament rules will be a way to allow players to compete on equal grounds, regardless of whether you spent $0 or $12,000 in the game.  I would like to believe that the players paying the $12,000+ are helping to make Clash Royale a better game by funding its staff and ongoing development 🙂


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