Why you are not winning most of your games in Vainglory

After a long time of not posting, I’m back! I get people telling me all the time, “Hey man, your guides are great and your advice is awesome but I can’t seem to win games!”  Now I cannot see your games so I cannot give you a step by step explanation on how to win. But let me ask you some questions.

  • What role do you play?
  • If your role is the Jungler, do you constantly look to punish the enemy laner?
  • If you kill the enemy support, laner, or jungler, do you invade their jungle or pressure their turrets?
  • When the enemy team is aced what do you do?
  • Are the lane minion constantly pushed to your side or constantly pushed to their side?
  • What items do you build in certain situations?
  • Do you put any damage onto the turret whenever possible?

These questions will help to evaluate yourself and improve your play constantly. You are your best critic, you know what you need to improve on.

One of my favorite streamers on Twitch has to be Trick2g, not only for entertainment purposes but also for educational purposes. His philosophy is pressure. You see, games are not won off of your KDA. Games are won through having an advantage and having pressure on the map. When you kill the enemy laner and push the waves to their tower, you force the Jungler and support to come up and stop the push. Meanwhile they are up there stopping the push the Jungler, and support can go and do some counter jungling to deny experience and gold. You put pressure on the map and forced the Jungler and support to show themselves.

Don’t let the game play you.
People usually let the game play them. They depend on teammates too much. They make excuses for everything. They refuse to learn the game. They break under the pressure of the game and let the game play them. To carry games, you must be selfish. I know, it’s contradictory to everything I’ve said about teamwork. But if you want to win more games and you know you can carry, be selfish. If your the Jungler, take all the kills any chance you get. Yes it sounds dumb and selfish, but if you see that your teammates are doing very poorly, giving them kills is the last thing you want to do because they will not use it properly. Take the game in your own hands, you make the calls, you do what has to be done. Now that does not mean be toxic in any way shape or form there’s a difference from doing certain things to carry to being a jerk who makes people lose games.

Ever lost a game you could have easily won if you had just taken the turrets? It hit late game so everyone had their build and death timers are long so you got aced and lost. Games are won through destroying those turrets, so do it. Whenever you can get some nice damage on the turret, do it because it adds up and forces the enemy to play your game. The last thing you want to do is give the enemy hope. Get your gold lead, shove it down your enemies throats, end the game. Let’s think about it for a second. If you take the first turret you open up the map which in turn means more control and more gold for your team because the creeps by shop is now no longer safe to take due to having no first tier tower so they can go over to your team. Take the second tier turret, now their whole jungle belongs to your team. Free gold, free experience, Kraken control, and Minion mine control. Getting the picture now? The sooner those turrets go down the sooner you can have a lead and starve the enemies of experience and gold. Remember, go for objectives not for kills.

This is what a lot of people are in the lane. They see a quarter HP Ringo and think, “Oh man I need to kill this Ringo! I need to outplay him and play supremely aggressive!” All the while they half or low health while being overextended. Low and behold a gank comes and they die. Now the salt begins to come into play and they get aggravated everytime they try to kill their enemy laner and they get ganked! Lots of people do this in the lower and even higher tiers. Use this to your advantage and claim your extra gold with every gank. Pressure the turret, do meaningful damage or take it down, rinse and repeat. In lane you do not have to kill your enemy. If you get them low enough they will have to back so, they miss out on gold and experience and some tower damage. It’s basically like killing your laner since it is a setback. Over extending is the worst possible thing you can do in the laning phase. It gets you nothing, you get ganked, you die. Just relax during the laning phase, try your best to last hit each minion. Don’t make any risky plays, just stand near the turret and farm. Get your items, hit your power spikes, then laugh as they try fighting you with fewer items and being under-leveled. So take it easy and don’t try to be a hero.

That’s about it for this guide! I also do include free training and coaching for Vainglory. Reach out to me at any time if something is unclear or missed something. Happy Solo Q’ing!^_^


  1. Michael West

    Hey I was wondering if you would coach me read that you would for free and I would love it if you could I’m a poa bronze player jungle main but can play all roles since I’ve been playing since day 1 release. If so just add me on discord and send me a pm. Seiketsuna#8720

    1. UniqueToxin

      Hello again Michael! Thank you for reading this post as well! Going to add you on Discord right now!

  2. Zach laenger

    Would like to get some coaching also. I main roam and usually solo queue. I’m stuck in the tier 6-7 and would like some advice on my game play if possible.

  3. Zach laenger

    My ign is sodapirate

  4. JoescencE

    You sound a bit full of yourself mate. Most of this advice seems to be for players who haven’t even hit solo queue draft yet, because this is all either obvious or just wrong. The jungled should just lurk for kills 24/7. If the enemy laner isn’t misstepping they’re wasting their time. This is why pressure isn’t always good. Pressure causes you to push into an overextended postion whereas freezing can allow for more ganks, thus less but more effective pressure. Also the laner should be watching for rotates down just as junglers and roams should rotate up because many first kills are the result of good rotates to cut enemies off. Furthermore, just taking turrets doesn’t guarantee their jungle is yours. Yeah, if you get an early advantage and have a turret down it can result in a kill or a forced fountain if you pressure but because of objective points like the crystal miner, it probably won’t help you as much as just taking the gold mine to still get the large gold bounty while pitentially denying your enemies the gold. Furthermore, you shouldn’t just be looking to take kills if you want to win games. A lot of games are lost when a team has one very overpowered hero because once the enemy team scales and the other two teammates are left behind, it’s essentially a 1v3. A lot of players just struggle with the early game (not speaking for myself, I tend to do best with the early game), so it doesn’t make sense to deny them their late game so you get yours. Ou deserve your rank and so do they, and since you’re paired with people of similar tier you can’t claim to be any better or worse than them. Lastly, it should always be the captain who calls the shots to start fights if it isn’t obvious. If a dps hero leaps into a fight while a captain retreats, the dps hero will likely get deleted before the captain tracks back to the fight. Plus, since the captain didn’t start tanking they will immediately focus the dps heroes on your team which is not preferred

  5. Ryan Tan

    What to do if my team is trolling? I am in tier 5 and my teammates are more worse than bots… I am a captain main and what can I do


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