Vainglory International Premier League returns May 3

International eSports competitions are perhaps the most fun to watch as it showcases the contrasts between players and teams from different countries, and Vainglory is no exception to this.  With the talent level of Vainglory players being at its strongest ever, the upcoming Vainglory International Premier League should produce some of the most exciting competition yet.

The 3rd Vainglory International Premier League will be held from May 3rd to June 5th in Seoul (arguable the Mecca of eSports).  12 top teams representing 6 different regions (Korea, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, North America, and South America) will compete in a round-robin format, with the Top 4 teams competing in the semi-finals on May 28th and 31st.  The participating teams are as follows:


  • Invincible Armada (winner of Vainglory World Invitational, 2nd-place in VIPL Season 2)
  • Hack (winner of VGL Korea)
  • ACE (2nd in VGL Korea)
  • Raid (3rd in VGL Korea)


  • Team GL (winner of RAGE Vainglory Japan Cup Vol. 1)


  • Hunters (best 4 in Vainglory World Invitational, 2nd in VIPL Season 1, winner of Vainglory China Invitational, winner of VMI)
  • FKK (winner of EMGP)
  • Easy to Win (winner of VML)


  • INFAMOUS (winner of Shiversteel Cup, winner of Vainglory World Series, 2nd in Tesseract SEA Qualifier)


  • Gankstars Sirius (winner of VIPL Season 1 and multiple qualifier & community tournaments)
  • Team Phoenix


  • Amaterasu Gaming (winner of VGL SA, winner of Vainglory Masters and multiple community tournaments)

Noticeably missing from this list are Season 2 champions Universal Civil from Japan, and any of the top teams from Europe.  But given the number of talented teams currently competing in Vainglory across the world, we’d have to imagine that narrowing down the participant list to just 12 teams must not have been easy!

All the action can be caught on OGN’s Twitch Channel starting May 3rd.

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