Vainglory’s new Battle Royale mode offers alternative shorter session gameplay

Vainglory has been a breakthrough for MOBA on mobile, but one of the recurring critiques on the game is that game sessions tend to be too long for a mobile gaming experience.  While a typical Vainglory game lasts about 20 minutes, which is very short compared to its PC MOBA counterparts, most mobile gamers are accustomed to 3-5 minutes play sessions that can be played on the go.  Rather than making changes to the core experience of the game (Super Evil Megacorp COO Kristian Segerstrale has stressed in previous interviews that he believes 3-5 minute play sessions do not provide a rich enough competitive gaming experience), SEMC has instead introduced a new game mode called Battle Royale, which will be released public along with the new patch tomorrow.  While Battle Royale was promoted as a new way to experience playing Vainglory, it’s goal for the game is clear: to provide players who enjoy Vainglory but don’t want to sit through a 20 minute match a new way to play the game.

Those who are expecting Battle Royale to be a brand new way to play Vainglory may be disappointed, as Battle Royale is essentially a striped down mode of the core game to make gameplay faster.  A Platform Barrier prevents players from returning to their base for recovery/purchases once that player crosses the Barrier; similarly, teleportation back to base has also been disabled in this game mode.  Once the player leaves the Platform Barrier, they literally need to fight until they die.  Hiding is also not an option, as the entire Jungle path is also blocked off, forcing players to battle head on in a single lane battle.  This of course takes away a lot of the strategy from the game, but also speeds up the gameplay significantly.  Other changes for the Battle Royale mode include:

  • Hero level starts at 4
  • Higher starting Gold amount
  • Increased Gold and Experience trickle
  • Minions give 2x Gold and experience
  • Kill bounties are increased
  • Increased health and energy restoration
  • Turrets have no barrier and less health

Battle Royale play sessions are designed to last 7-10 minutes – still a tad longer than the 3-5 minutes of Clash Royale, but significantly trimmed down from the 20 minutes of a regular Vainglory game.  It’s unlikely for Battle Royale to become a standard competitive mode within the Vainglory eSports community (ie. don’t expect to see any Battle Royale specialists), but the game mode should make Vainglory more accessible to players who were previously scared off by the long play sessions, or found things like Jungling and strategic items purchasing a little too complicated.


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